Tuesday, 19 August 2014

♡ What Dramas & Animes Make Me Tick ♡


I've decided to have a months break from writing make-up/skin care reviews as I just don't feel really up to it even thought I want to blog? So, I thought that maybe I should just do a couple of posts based around what I do like other than make-up etc and apologies if you follow this blog just for the reviews but hey, I'm not a machine and you can't force someone to do something if their heart is not 100% into it.
As you can see from the title, the first post in my little month of anti-make-up reviews is about dramas and animes. If you follow me on twitter, then you know that I'm such a massive drama freak it's honestly a part of my daily life now... little sad yes but when you don't have the money to go out for a day (and boy do things cost a lot where I live) as well as living in the middle of nowhere (like, I live literally in the middle of the countryside) you find other things to do, that's for sure. I'd thought, to stop this post becoming very long and tedious that I would narrow it down to thirteen items (as thirteen is my lucky number) and I don't think it'll be an equal amount of dramas vs. animes, it'll just be what it is.

Switch Girl
"Switch Girl" is ultimately my favourite drama, hands down. I actually watched it before I read the manga because this drama was an accidental stumble upon! Also, with Renn Kiriyama as the main male role - and with the fact that he is one of my favourite actors-  it makes the watching a lot more interesting! Also; the storyline is quirky, upbeat and pretty hilarious as it has OTT moments that would only go on either in your mind or in animes.

People are always surprised when I say that "Beyblade" is my favourite anime ever. It's actually a reaction I love to see because, sometimes, people tend to believe that they know you like the back of their hand and then BAM you hit them with a curveball and this anime is my curveball. When this anime came out in the UK wwwaaayyy back in 2001 (and when I was a mere tender age of 11/12) it was the reason how I became to know of Japan and its culture. Also, small honesty session but when I found out about "Metal Fusion Beyblade" I was excited at first because I was hoping they were using all of the original characters from the first three seasons and then, literally, my heart sank when I heard that it was a complete overhaul and I tried to get into MFB, I really did try but alas I just couldn't. 

Ao no Exorcist
"Ao no Excorcist" is a recent add to my favourite list as I only watched this at the beginning of 2014 but it was an instant hit after the first episode that I just couldn't stop watching it. Swear down, I watched the whole series in two days straight (bye weekend of being productive) and now because of the anime, I'm loving the manga. I have a thing for quirkiness and this anime certainly delivers on the quirkiness as well as other qualities such as a 4D lead role - he literally uses all the range of emotions in one episode - and fantasy creatures. What's not to love?

Ouran High School Host Club
Aha I'm tricking you with this one! I adore the live action drama more than the anime, I don't know why it's just more appealing to me? Take away the fact that Yamamoto Yusuke (another favourite actor) is the lead role and I really don't understand why I prefer it more than the anime. The order of how I got into this series goes like this; gets referred to by a friend > watches anime > reads manga > watches live action series and SP. As you can see, just a normal way of getting into a series so no idea how wires managed to criss cross here, there and everywhere but oh well! A favourite is a favourite.

You're Beautiful / Ikemen Desu ne / Fabulous Boys
From the order of the title, that is how I have watched this particular series. Upon watching 'You're Beautiful' when it first aired, I was hooked so when hearing about the remakes I was so stoked and excited about how they would turn out and each one didn't disappoint me. One note though; I was slightly taken aback by Tamamori Yuta's acting in 'Ikemen Desu ne' because I felt that as he had some major shoes to fill in after Jang Geun Suk's role in the Korean version, so he probably had to overdo it with certain parts to keep the role of the main character going... I hope you all got that because I've got a headache re-reading it all! Honestly, the reason why I enjoy all the versions of this drama is because I love seeing the one storyline portrayed with different actors and in different languages, that is all.

Can You Hear My Heart
My first Korean drama after a massive break from them. Literally, it probably sounds really extreme but I had about six/seven months away from watching Korean dramas as I just didn't have the heart to keep up with them so I immersed myself in, mainly, Taiwanese and Japanese dramas. Also, I had never heard of a couple of the actors in this drama so it opened me up to watching some more of their work and thus branching me back out into the k-drama world!

Sailor Moon
Surprise, surprise 'Sailor Moon' is in my list! Well, like Beyblade it is an anime I grew up on and (as a secret shoujo manga/anime princess) it has everything I love. I won't go into all of the details because of the next anime in the list, but hey; magical talking cats, make-up transformation and the planet system for code names pretty much sums up what I enjoy the most... plus the main characters traits of eating and sleeping (hello dream life) Also, I am so excited about watching 'Sailor Moon Crystal' I could pee my pants... not literally because ew.

Cardcaptor Sakura
This is another anime I grew up on as well as I vaguely remember it airing over here in the UK but on specialist channels like Nicklelodeon BUT it did have it on CITV before they both went pants (sorry, only UK'ers will probably understand what I mean there!) Also, I don't know if anyone remembered this but they editing out a lot of things when making it 'presentable' for Western culture and when I re-watched this series again - in Japanese sub - I was so confused with certain parts because I couldn't remember them until I read about the editing! TCH!

Kamen Rider
'Kamen Rider' was introduced to me via Toni... I curse her yet thank her everyday for bringing this amazing tonkusatsu series and (as well, I had an awesome childhood with the shows that were out by the way) with growing up on shows such as Power Rangers, Biker Mice From Mars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, Thunderbirds, and Captain Scarlet it was an instant chemistry. One of the main things I like about 'Kamen Rider' is that you can start with a random series and you wouldn't be confused with what's happening/gone on in previous and wondered if it's all linked. Plus; it's kind of like a weirder, grown up version of Power Rangers in my own opinion...

An accidental watch but I'm glad that I decided to watch it. This drama has such a beautiful storyline about how a person copes with deafness as well as the people around him. The ups and downs the characters face are simply powerful with actions more than words and it's a real hard hitter. Literally, whenever someone asks me about what dramas to watch, 9 times out of 10 I will always recommend this drama.

Another accidental stumble upon, but again like with 'SIGN' I'm so glad I found this drama. My favourite ever actress, Karina, portrays a woman with disabilities and has a child. We see the hardships she has to face as a mother with these disabilities having her every move watched, even though it may seem for the child's sake, but really what comes across is that they just want her to fail. Having a disability always comes across as a taboo subject (in my opinion here as well as in any other country) so it was a real eye opener to watch this drama as it hits all the right spots.

Tokyo Mew Mew
I think it's no secret any more than I like shoujo animes/mangas...I honestly can't explain why I like this particular anime (cats and cakes mainly) but I just do and it can be overly cutesy/sweet in certain parts but hey... it kind of works? 

My first ever Korean drama (that I watched) will always have a special place in my heart. It doesn't seem like the kind of drama I would watch normally but I do like genres like this! Watching 'Iris' opened me up to the world of Korean drama and its culture from then on! I'm slightly ashamed to admit this but I haven't even gotten around to watching the second season yet! D'OH!
So there we go! This has taken me a while to write as I found it hard on what to put down what I wanted to say that was in my mind. I hope this post was, somewhat, vaguely interesting and was a nice distraction from the usual reviews!
Thanks for reading!


  1. aish, I understand you ;D, last week was so lazy, and when had time to relax and do a little for my blog, wanted to look kdramas :P

    And that's how I'm watching "That winter the wind blows" and "It's okay, that's love" (which is super fun). In previous months I've seen Rooftop Prince, Time slip Dr.Jin, Golden Bride, the famous Boys before flowers, King of baking Kim Tak Goo (recommended) and more.


  2. I also love Switch Girl, Ouran and Sailor Moon. xD I'm very excited about Sailor Moon Crystal. ^^

  3. @Evelyn; gosh that's a lot of k-dramas! I've seen........... only 'Boys Over Flowers' in that list! Do you recommend the rest to watch at all? (Besides KOB of course!)
    @Kiki; ahhh your taste is impeccable my dear!

  4. All recommended Pinguu! Golden Bride it's too long (64 chapters) but it's a lovely story about vietnamese brides who arrives to S.Korea to have a "better life" but are mistreated. Dr. Jin has some of S.Korea history (and JaeJoong :P), the new one (It's okay that's love) it's super fun and realistic.

  5. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad I came across this blog post! For YEARS I've been trying to find the name of a children's anime show that was broadcast on CBBC/CITV and I couldn't remember anything except for the girl had short brown hair and a little yellow teddy bear type thing! It's been about 9 years that I've been trying to find it, my best friend used to have a little figurine of the girl on her dressing table and that's the only thing I had to go on! I'm so excited :D x