Wednesday, 27 August 2014

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Do you know when you shouldn't be spending money but find such an amazing deal on something, you just have to break your rules and go for it? Yeah I did that...
BUT. For a good reason! A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing for some birthday ideas on what to get for some friends and I stumbled across Net Off's amazon site! Net Off, in my eyes, is kind of like Japan's answer to a second hand online store... like Book Off I suppose but with a wider range of things to purchase - why do I have a feeling that they're both under the same company... ANYWAY, when browsing I came across the entire manga series of スイッチガール!! (Switch Girl) selling for less than what you'd pay for if you were to get each individual book separately - saving about 1,500 at the end of it.

¥2,497 + ¥ 1,400 = ¥3,897!!! (£15.19 + £8.51 = £23.70!!!)
Another small surprise was the fact that on the selling page - Net Off redirects you to the page where you can look up similar prices and see which ones ship overseas etc - in the description, I was told that the items were USED - GOOD so I was expecting a little wear and tear along the spines and for the price I got them for I wasn't going to complain about it but the books are all brand new! Surprising right?

Honestly; if you are looking for a great deal on mangas, DVD's, CD's, and other books without burning massive holes into your savings then I honestly recommend this site from the bottom of my heart. I placed my order on a Friday and it arrived to me, from the seller not Net Off, on the Monday morning! I thought that I only paid for the weight of my shipment (hence the ¥1,400) but I must have paid for EMS without realising it... boom!

Oh, one last note. I went on the official Net Off website and if you signed up to - a service that gives you a Japanese shipping address so you can purchase straight off a website and get it sent to you overseas without the use of a shopping service - then you can buy straight off the Net Off website if you didn't want the hassle of using! Pretty sweet to be honest, I'll be definitely trying that service out in the future!

Net Off amazon page; long link is long so I'll do this instead
Net Off website;
Tenso website; 

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  1. Love a good bargain hehe, and I know how you feel about breaking the rules to take advantage of them!

    I feel like Japanese second hand is so much better than what we know in the UK!
    I recently bought a second hand game and it was a practically new limited edition version :O the box had been open but everything inside was still new!


  2. @Sami; agree ;D and it's like... when buying something second (or even third hand) over here you can tell something has been proper used to the extreme but sometimes it's nice because you know that used to be loved? Also... new book smell is the best tbh 8) so selling it second hand but getting it brand new this time is such a major bonus! DANG... that's actually, like, bare amazing with games jfc you lucky sod!