Wednesday, 9 July 2014

♡ Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Pink Talk Series ♡


"Pink to make the boys wink" is the first thing that always pops into my head whenever I get a new pink lipstick for my ever expanding lipstick collection. I honestly have no idea where that line originates from but it's always been a quote that has stuck in my mind no matter what!
Now; since I have heard about the 'pink talk' series of the 'Dear My Blooming Lipstick' line, I have been after these particular five lipsticks but alas as per usual, I have been distracted by other pretty things. So when I was finally able to purchase all five lipsticks in one go (yes, one go!) thanks to's summer sale (up to 30% off on certain products and an extra 20% off as a member, bargain!) I, quite literally, jumped at the chance. Also recently, I've been feeling rather bleurgh about myself whenever I look in the mirror and it's strange but putting on new lipsticks helps? So if you wonder why I look pretty much the same in a few future reviews... it's because I had a good face/make-up day so I took the opportunity and tested as much make-up as possible.

Product details; Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk has various colours that can suit everyone.  It contains Feather Creamy Gel to create soft and clear color for beautiful definition on your lips. Its matte and smooth texture gives 2013 SS Trendy Lip makeup. It glides on your lips and instantly makes your lips beautiful.

PK011 Confident Pink
Want kissable, lovely pink lips? Choose Confident Pink! If you have pale skin tone, this Baby Hot Pink lipstick will create lovely make-up.

PK012 Wanna Have Pink
Once you try this, everyone will want to have this 'Wanna Have Pink' lipstick! This lipstick will create a Dolly-look make-up you've always wanted.

PK013 Heart Pounding Pink
Are you afraid to wear Hot Pink Lipsticks because it doesn't match your warm-toned skin? You don’t have to worry with this Heart Pounding Pink! You are gonna look steaming hot with this lipstick!

PK014 Astonished Pink
If you want real hot pink, this colour is it! This hot pink will create trendy and chic urban look.

PK015 Dizzy Pink
This deep hot pink lipstick will give you that cold but sexy city girl look. If you want to look like smart, sexy, ice queen, this is the lipstick to go for!

↑↑ creamy lipstick which makes it easier to apply
↑↑ vibrant colours in the tube as well as on lips
↑↑ good pricing (around £3-£4 wherever you tend to buy from online)
↑↑ cute packaging
↑↑ smells yummy like vanilla sweets

↑↑ becomes too soft when the weather's humid so it smushes
↑↑ THEY ARE JUST TOO DAMN CUTE BYE MONEY (not really a con but I needed one...)

Overall Verdict; ★★★★
Right... where to frickin' start with these amazing lipsticks?! First off; the colours shown online in the promo pictures do not give these any justice because, you look at them on the screen and you'd think "ok wow that won't suit my skin tone whatsoever" just like I did when I saw them bbbuuuttt, upon receiving and looking at them in person you will quickly change your mind. They do, kind of, remind me of crayon colours when you first look at them but that is such a good thing because the vibrancy continues from tube to lips, major plus in my books. You might look at my pictures above and think that a couple of the colours look the same, and they slightly do but you can see that they are completely different in their own way. I want to say that my favourite is "this, this and this one" but it's just not true... in all honesty, I have no idea which colour is my favourite because I love them all the same! I'm now wishing that there were two extra lipsticks in this line so I could wear a different shade of pink every day of the week!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Dizzy pink looks adorable!

  2. @Evelyn; thank you sweetheart! I believe this colour is edging at the top... but not by much :'D

  3. These all look great and suit you so well!!


  4. @Sami; thank you ever so much sweetheart! (///u///)