Tuesday, 24 June 2014

♡ Food Glorious (and lots of it) Food ♡


As the titles of this post suggests... I'm going to ruin you all with a lengthy food post. Why? Because I have no motivation to do reviews as I'm in the middle of sorting, throwing, cleaning and everything else to my room ready for redecorating. Plus over the past few weeks I have been doing what I do best, eating. 
So, the other weekend it was my parents 30th wedding anniversary and we celebrated by having a family get together, but as my family is rather small it was only a lunch/dinner get together kind of thing but, the food involved was buffet style food. I actually didn't get a chance to take many pictures of what we had except for a Norwegian cake... marzipan... thing my brother's girlfriend made for the party as well as the puddings because... yeah I got distracted by all the cheese we had at the table.
Last week whilst I had the house to myself (parents on holiday, brother at work most of the time) I decided to take some 'me' time and enjoy myself... and enjoy food that I don't normally have;
I'm not going to lie... I ate a lot during that week and last Friday was no exception when I met up with Sharan for the day. Oh my, what normally happens when I meet up with Sharan? That's right... eating. It was actually scorching hot in London last Friday, so we walked most of the time enjoying the sunshine and each others company without the struggles of suffering the heat in the underground and the home time rushes etc. Our first pit stop was 'Burger and Lobster' in Soho;
True to its name, the 'Burger and Lobster' only have three items on its menu; a whole lobster, a burger or a lobster roll all served with fries and a salad. Before then, I had never ever eaten nor tried lobster in my whole life so this was a new experience for me and so I chose the whole lobster for my meal. We were given the choice of having our lobster either steamed the whole way through, or having it finished off on the grill and we both went with the second option. Oh my days, lobster is actually to die for! I am physically kicking myself for never eating it before! I had a watermelon iced tea to go with my meal and this is a restaurant I will definitely return to again in the future... just because.
As we were in the Soho area, we couldn't resist going into Paul's bakery for one of their giant macarons to share as well as getting bubble tea at Chatime. Soho is honestly a great place as you get so much variety in one area.
After; we headed over to Chancery Lane to meet Monique, where she wanted to take us to a little Japanese cafe called 'Necco' and we just couldn't refuse! The area is so cute and vibrant and had a sort of homely feel to it? It sounds weird but I felt really at home there. Once arriving at 'Necco', we all ordered different foods to share between us and I ordered the Japanese Afternoon Tea platter which consisted of; a selection of sushi, wasabi stick and peanuts mix, a cake of my choice (mont blanc), a pot of tea of my choice (green tea) and a mini matcha latte to wash it all down. Sharan had takoyaki, fruit cream cake and a matcha milkshake whilst Monique had curry rice, fruit cream cake and a full matcha latte. I only got pictures of my one in the end as... well food doesn't really last long enough in our group gatherings.
I was so glad that we finished eating at this point as by then, I was starting to feel a bit too full - which doesn't normally happen but when it's hot my appetite shrinks. I'm sorry for such a shoddy blog post but I will get out of my review funk soon hopefully and back on track with things... I hope ;uuu;
Thank for reading!


  1. So much amazing food :O
    I'm so hungry now!!


  2. Ñam!! :P

    All that looked delicious, that cake with strawberries, gave me a wink hahaha

    Take care ñ_ñ

  3. Haha, doing what you do best, that made me laugh :-) I'm definitely an expert dessert eater myself! That macaroon and that piece of cake look delish.

  4. Sorry guys if I made you hungry at all XD @Kiss & Make-up; normally I don't have such a sweet tooth but recently I've been eating more sweet things than normal :o gah!