Monday, 24 February 2014

♡ Non Valentines Day... Stuff ♡


So originally for this weekend my plans were to go out into London two days in a row... but on the Friday night I sadly contracted a bug and was up most of the night vomiting my poor guts up (sorry too much information there...) and so in the end I was only able to go and spend a day out in London with Charli.
A small confession... I've only celebrated valentines day like twice in my life and other than those two times I've never really had much interest for it except for the history behind how it was created - unknown fact about me no doubt but I do like history... thanks dad. So I actually booked the day off work so I could meet up with Charli! I've only met her twice - both times at MCM Expo last May and October - and I love this girl to pieces she is seriously such an amazing human being and we had been meaning to meet up for the day since...... ok yeah last May and we've just never had the chance to until now!
The weather was absolutely disgusting that day and honestly the day before... the sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky! Luckily my coat has an extremely massive hood that makes me feel like I'm from Assassin's Creed. As it was Valentine's Day I did decide to be rather pedantic and wear red clothing... well black and red clothing and in all honesty my outfit actually turned out rather well! Oh I've put these two pictures up below because in the first one are the clothes I wore whilst in the second picture are the boots I wore instead of the ones in the first picture... in honesty I shouldn't have worn boots because my feet became extremely sore after a good 6/7 hours ;uuu;
So I met up with Charli in a coffee shop in Chinatown just outside of Leicester Square station, where we proceeded to warm ourselves up with a delicious cup of coffee (I had a hazelnut latte) and had a chatter. Then we headed over to Little Korea just on the other side of Chinatown (towards Piccadilly Circus) for some lunch as we were both rather naughty and had skipped on breakfast that morning... oops. Small confession; I had never eaten in Little Korea before until that day and I regret never eating in there previously because the food is extremely tasty at good prices. Charli and I ordered a soup each, she had fish cake soup and I went with a spicy soft tofu soup, and then we proceeded to share a few dishes between us. We ended up with tempura soft shell crab, kimchijeon, kkanpungi and vegetable gyoza in the end with a couple of side dishes of pickled beansprouts and pickled cucumber... needless to say we were both pretty full by the end of the meal!
After food we headed over to the market where the purikura machines are located. This was the main thing we wanted to do together as we haven't got many pictures of us two and it honestly feels like tradition to me that whenever I'm in London I just have to go and do purikura for memory sake. It ended with about four pictures of me pulling faces... that seems about right to be honest.
Next on our list was going to Covent Garden and despite the fact it was only a ten minute walk away... rain started to downpour at this point so we took the tube. It's silly I know but we were dry and that was the main point for us. I love Covent Garden as a whole because it's got the historic market, the theatre and lots of shops whilst having plenty of restaurants/coffee shops around so you're pretty much sorted for spending a day in that area in particular. The best thing about Covent Garden to me is the Moomin shop and Laduree because the Moomins are from my childhood and Laduree has the most gorgeous sweet treats to offer and their macaron selection is honestly to die for. Sadly this time around we didn't go into the Moomin shop but we did squeeze into Laduree for a box of macrons. I also wanted to go into the Godiva chocolate shop next door to get a box of chocolates for my mam as it's her favourite chocolate ever.
Also I found out that they've recently opened up a Shake Shack in Covent Garden! Shake Shack is an American food chain famous for burgers, shakes and frozen custard and holy crap I was so happy to have one finally open up in London - don't ask me why it's just somewhere I've always wanted to go when I visit America in the future. So yeah, Charli and I purchased a Concrete Jungle frozen custard which was a vanilla custard with marshmallows, banana and smooth peanut butter mixed it and honestly it is one of the most delicious things ever. I had this preconception that it would be sickly sweet (and I really do hate overly sickly sweet things) but it wasn't? It was such a gorgeous blend and just... ugh amazing! Definitely need to go there again in the future!
After mooching around Covent Garden for a while - we went in the Disney store, Apple store and Whittards - we headed into Starbucks for a salted caramel mocha. In all honesty most of the day we spent eating a drinking and that is just fine and dandy with me! On the way back to the station we popped into the MAC store and Charli purchased her first ever lipstick (first lipstick?! GOSH) and I purchased my first ever MAC lipstick for my ever growing lipstick collection. I got the colour 'Ruby Woo' and it's the most perfect dark red I have ever laid my eyes on. I haven't actually got a picture of the lipstick yet but I'll probably take one soon and post it on my instagram!
Finally Charli and I parted ways (boooooo) and I started to head home and by the time I got to Liverpool Street station I started to feel queasy. Normally I have a pretty strong stomach but I had been feeling rather off all afternoon and I instantly knew something wasn't right as soon as I found myself dashing for the toilets and throwing up. Sorry too much information I suppose there...
But thus started the journey of the weekend from hell for me. Like I said in my opening paragraph, I had intended on going back out into London on the Saturday for Sharan's birthday but alas I had spent the Friday night puking my poor guts up and barely got any sleep so I had no energy and looked like complete dogs doodoo. I guess that teaches me for working with children... I'll hopefully get to see Charli again either before expo in May or just a little after... I guess it depends on our schedules and money situations as she is saving for Japan whilst I'm saving for China! I had such a fun day though despite being sick in the end and it was a much needed day away from home and work.
Thanks for reading!


  1. You look adorbs :) ! Glad you had fun. Love your boots even if I can imagine they are ouchful if you walk a lot. x

  2. @Lara; thank you ;uuu; and they were fine for the first... six or so hours :'D next time I'm wearing flats though .___.

  3. Awww I hope you feel better!!! Your day sounds so delicious though. :P I love food, I'm a piggy bahaha. BTW I've never heard of Shake Shack! I wonder if it's an east coast chain or something. Your Korean food looks soooo yummy. Are you wearing your new Ruby Woo in that pic at the top? I always love it when I see it at MAC--like I always pick it off the shelf--but then when I try it on, it doesn't look good on me :'( You should try a MAC lip liner with it if you want immaculate lips...their Cherry Red lipliner is literally never in stock at my Nordstrom. I had to ask a friend to save it for me if it came in a shipment.

  4. @Sample Hime; I'm feeling much better now! Back to being my piggy self with food again :p food shouldn't be so delicious.....
    And really?! It's from New York originally so maybe? D: And it was * A * I just wish that the kkanpungi was more crispier? Other than that no gripes at all c:
    And I'm not wearing it in the pictures D: it's the Etude House Rosy Tint lips :'D I just used a lipbrush and lots of balm to keep the colour so... plush?
    UGH I do need some more MAC lipsticks in my life because they have such a gorgeous assortment of shades it was so hard to choose in all honesty D: