Sunday, 23 February 2014

♡ Candy Doll Lipsticks in Apricot Beige & Ramune Pink ♡


In all honesty, I have never really looked towards the whole Japanese side of cosmetics compared to, well, my obsession with Korean cosmetics. So when I was gifted a couple of Candy Doll lipsticks for Christmas I thought, what the heck? And now I wonder why I have never gone in this direction before?!

Candy Doll is a well know cosmetic brand created by famous Gyaru model Tsubasa Masuwaka (she also created Dollywink eyelashes / eyeliner etc) and the colours ranged in the brand seems to stick along neutral tones within the lipstick and lipgloss range whilst using pretty candy 'pop' colours for cheeks and eyes. Sort of like girly, cute, doll-esque style make-up and it's only recently that the brand has brought out a mature style red lipstick and lipgloss.

The first thing that pops out about these lipsticks is that that are nude lipsticks but one is an orange based nude whilst the other is a pink based nude (I guess the hints are in the names d'oh) and these lipsticks are so hydrating that I didn't need to use a balm underneath these like I had to with other lipsticks/glosses etc. Also the build up of colour is really nice so with one swipe you will have a pretty gloss style look and then when you add more the colour builds up and it really blended with my face make-up I was wearing. Oh and to notice the difference you may have to bring the pictures up to full size because that is when it is more noticeable!

↑↑ Left; Apricot Beige, Right; Ramune Pink ↑↑
I also liked how the two different nudes made my face make-up look different with each picture. The Apricot Beige colour has made my make-up come across warmer whilst the Ramune Pink had made my make-up come across slightly cooler, not much cooler but it's noticeable. 

Apricot Beige; 

Ramune Pink; 

Honestly, I do feel really silly for never trying out this brand before until now but my eyes and my mind have been opened! I honestly cannot wait to try other Japanese brands and seeing what is on offer already... just whew! I'm spoiled for choice!

↑↑ extremely hydrating
↑↑ vivid colours with either one or two swipes
↑↑ doesn't exaggerate dryness on lips

↑↑ rather expensive brand in general...

Overall Verdict; ★★★
Honestly, these lipsticks are the most perfect nudes ever... and trust me I have been searching for the perfect nude lipstick for what feels like forever! Finding a perfect nude is like finding your perfect red lipstick and I cannot decide between these two on which ones I prefer the most but just by a marginal slide... Ramune Pink is my favourite for now. It's just a bugger that the pricing is just so... high compared to what I would normally spend with my budget for Korean cosmetics etc!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I was a little bit worried about this lipstick being drying but after reading your review I'm relief! :) I own the ramune pink and it's my ultimate nude lipstick colour (from looking at it) ! I haven't tried it out tho cause I still have so many lipsticks to use up. xD It looks so pretty on anyone really (I think. lol)

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