Sunday, 9 February 2014

♡ ETUDE HOUSE Rosy Tint Lips ♡


I have been meaning to write this review for a while now but I've never had the right pictures / words for this until now? So major apologies but I hope you enjoy nonetheless! 
I received these as a gift from a friend and I was pretty excited to try these out straight away and when I did... in all honesty I was pretty disappointed. I was expecting something different, something I can't quite explain with words and instead I get a thick, gloopy mess coming out of each tube. Don't get me wrong I wasn't expecting a normal tint that you get in a tube oh no, I knew that these would be more towards the matte kind of gloss you can get... kind of like Lime Crime's Velvetines I suppose? I guess I was expecting too much from these as it is Etude House as I've never had a problem with past products until now.

I didn't like how hard it was to put the tint (heck would you even call it a tint? It's more like a lipstick consistancy?) on my lips and it really clung to all of my cracks and crevasses (damn you dry lips) which did not look at all nice, so I just these to one side and concentrated on making my lips look better. After a mass amount of sugar scrubs, vaseline and tinted lip balms I finally felt ready to try the products again and the second time around... well it was a much better experience than the first attempt.

I actually wore a tinted lip balm (Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss) underneath when trying out all of the colours the second time around and personally, they came out much better than the first time. I also love that this collection is based on the fairy tale 'Sleeping Beauty' and plus a couple of the colours remind me of autumn / winter as well as beautiful summer flowers. Personally I believe that you can wear a different shade or two per season.

#5 Baby Peony

#6 English Garden

#7 Tea Rose

#8 After Blossom

Out of these four colours... I don't have a favourite one because I do love them all. I love how each colour is so pigmented and the smell (for the first few minutes after application) it really does remind me of being in a rose garden. In the future I probably won't use the sponge applicator as that easily twists off and just stick to using a lip brush when applying the colour... also I will never not use a lip balm underneath when wearing these either as I don't really want to show off my chapped lips when they are bad!

↑↑ great selection of colours to choose from
↑↑ matte finish
↑↑ extremely pigmented 
↑↑ affordable for people on a budget
↑↑ good for building up colour or for making a gradient / ombre effect

↑↑ shows off the damage of your lips easily
↑↑ too thick of a consistency 
↑↑ tubing is too hard to squeeze the tint out
↑↑ sponge could be considered unhygienic.... especially if you have members in your family with nifty fingers and likes to use your make-up

Overall Verdict; ★★★☆☆
Again these are perfect for different looks and how pigmented the colours are but I'm just not blown away because these should have been a lipstick or a tint... not a mixture of both? Anyway I will be using them again for sure and not just shoving them in the back of my cupboard gathering dust!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love Tea Rose! Awesome review. c:


  2. @Harlynn; THANK YOU! Wow you're such a quick commenter as well!

  3. It's such a shame that it emphasizes the dryness of the lips, because the colour is so so pretty, especially tea rose!


  4. I really couldn't believe how bad these tubes are...whenever I read that they are hard to squeeze I thought girls were just whining lol but omg these have such bad packaging! I hate when you squeeze to get the right amount and you think you've got it, and it just sucks back in. I also agree this is more like liquid lipstick, not a tint. Love all the colors you got :) they look adorable with your hair.

  5. definetely i want this lip tint!! <3 <3