Friday, 18 October 2013

♡ MUA Matte Lipstick in Nude ♡


I managed to get my hands on the entire matte lipstick collection by MUA, well at only £1 per lipstick how could you not purchase the entire collection in one go? I am such a massive fan of MUA lipsticks as I have a previous record with only a couple of the colours... but they were such wonderful colours and withstood all the elements you throw at them just like any lipstick would try and do. So I have a lot of anticipation with this particular collection as I have, well are I always, been in the market for a decent matte lipstick and I sadly haven't had a chance to wear all of the colours yet, I'll only be reviewing one of them today.

I've always had problems with nude lipsticks, some of the nudes I've had before just didn't match my skin tone so instead of looking nude I just had brown lips and other problems have been that the nudes didn't last long or they were too expensive so I pretty much almost gave up. With MUA's nude lipstick, it actually feels that the colour was made to match any shade of skin tone including my own! All of the colours do appear more vibrant in person than they do in pictures as well as on your lips... more like a stain effect rather than an actual lipstick?

This colour is most definitely my favourite one compared to the others because it just works so well with a natural daytime look... I'd love to try it with a dramatic night time look one day and see if it's versatile in that area also.

↑↑ Long lasting wear
↑↑ Cheap as chips so amazing on your purse strings
↑↑ Works just as well as other known branded lipsticks
↑↑ Nice vanilla scent

↑↑ The packaging just doesn't do it for me... the other MUA lipsticks are in a nice sleek, black tube whilst the matte range are in white... ehhh just not my taste
↑↑ Having to use a lip concealer underneath because of my pigmented lips

Overall Verdict: ★★★★★
I was certainly pleasantly surprised overall by this range by MUA and I'm looking forward to their velvet range they're bringing out at the beginning of November and because I've had a good all around with them it doesn't surprise me that I'm going to definitely get them before my move abroad... MUA is my go to make-up range which I'm going to be stocking up on for the next couple of months! 

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