Tuesday, 1 October 2013

♡ Returning To My Childhood ♡


Happy October everyone! Gosh how is it October already though? Only a few more weeks left until Halloween and even though my family have never celebrated Halloween I'm kind of excited about it this year for some reason... plus there are only three weeks left until Sapphire is down to stay for a whole week again! Seeing her back at the beginning of the year feels like an eternity more than anything... the worst part of our friendship is being so far away from each other and being so busy with work that we can barely make to either/or each others houses to spend time before I move abroad.

Anyway; I've sadly caught another chest infection... it's nothing new to me as I catch about 5 or 6 per year since I'm pretty much vulnerable in the lung department. The main buggers about catching these infections is that I can't exercise as I get breathless extremely quickly and the coughing fits keeping me awake most of the night so cranky me all in all! One plus about catching the infection is that I'm entitled to catch up on movies and dramas that I've fallen behind on and this time around I decided to revisit my childhood and watch films that came out during the 90s (except for 'The Secret of Nimh' as that actually was released back in 1982... and 'An American Tale' was released back in 1986) 

Don't you just love nostalgia trips back to your childhood? I simply adore stuff from the 80s and 90s because... well some things were just better back then... even though I was actually born in 1989 so I can't say anything about the 80s in all honesty but I was brought up on 80s music / films / television shows etc and I do remember most of the 90s as well. What was your favourite thing about your childhood?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh god, just seeing the pictures of the movies I used to watch made me want to tear up D": The 90's was the best time to be alive! ^-^ I remember watching Thumbelina and an American Tail everyday with my child hood friend...>_<

  2. @Neiro; weren't they just? Ahhh I used to do the same with my childhood friends and re-watching them all over again brought back so many memories ;-;