Monday, 3 December 2012

♡ Happy Birthday to Meeeeee ♪♫ ♡

This song has always been considered my 'birthday song' because my parents play it repeatedly on my birthday (ノ ̄ー ̄)ノ 
This post is certainly an long overdue one as my birthday was way back on the 16th of November (`Д´*) and so I am now in my 23rd year of living on this planet... d'oh. Even though some most of my younger friends are calling me Oba (auntie) and Obaasan (old woman) I don't feel... well old. I'm perfectly happy with my age and getting old if I was being honest... also it's fun taking the piss out of my brother who shall be hitting the 30 year mark in four years time and having no comeback from him ψ(`∇´)ψ

Anyway; I have a confession to make. The last time I actually celebrated my birthday was when I was 18... so since my 19th birthday I have never really acknowledged my birthday and so for the past four years it has just been a normal day where I haven't expected anything from my friends or family. I suppose this year was a little different because it was my first birthday back home after being away at university for three years so my parents did want to treat me with presents despite my protests - and temper tantrums ( ̄д ̄;)
So in the end I was able to purchase three 山本裕典 that I had seriously been eyeing up all year thanks to my parents. Also my boyfriend was wonderful enough to order me a signed Olly Murs single - he knows I've been going through an Olly Murs fad recently:

I now cannot wait to give my brother his Christmas present now because honestly; money is tight in his life as well as mine so I honestly was not expecting anything from him as well as my believing that my brother had been speaking to either my parents or boyfriend because I was surprised by him with this for a present:

No complaints coming from me about this though... 
I did receive an array of beautiful birthday cards and this year my parents won the 'best card' award from me because... I mean just look at it! Also they do win ultimately because they also bought me white chocolate Lindor sweets

As well as having a homemade chocolate sponge birthday cake fffffffffffff... I have completely and utterly been spoiled rotten this year for my birthday and from the bottom of my heart I give thanks to my lovely family and wonderful friends who have stuck beside me through my ups and downs over the past 11 months since I moved back home from university (that's another story for another time and when I feel brave to actually talk about it)

This year certainly has had it's ups and downs in my life but my birthday was a nice up and it definitely brought a smile upon my face (*´∀`*)
Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm glad it seems you had a fun birthday, you deserved it ♥

    I love how cute your blog is getting jsdhajdsf ;u;


    1. B'awh bb ;u; ♥
      And you would wouldn't you ;3 you and cute things are attracted to each other like........... Danny with Ren!