Monday, 26 November 2012

♡ November Glossybox ♡

Note: in my last post about Glossybox; I wrote about a colour of their box they tend to use... but it was a mistake because it is another company that uses a certain blue colour and so because of my silliness in not knowing... I made an error! So please forgive me ( ;´Д`)

I love this months theme so much because it's getting us all prepared for the holiday season ヾ(*д*) and for the past few Christmas's I haven't exactly been jolly... but this year I certainly feel different about it and enjoying all the tests my mother and I are doing on recipes to decide what to do for Christmas / Boxing day in particular. Anyway going off course...

The brands we were given this month involve ones I have certainly heard of, but never tried in my life - Dermalogica and Nails Inc are certainly brands that I am used to having in my life because of a good friend, who is an amazing beauty therapist, would give me all these products for me to try and enjoy. Also I have heard of the Dr Jart+ brand but it just didn't appeal to me as a younger consumer. 

My favourite part about Glossybox is the care and attention to detail the staff members give to each and every box and I adore the packaging along with the tissue paper and pieces that keep the products safe on their journey from the HQ to customers houses.

It's not even December yet and I'm already anxious to get my final (boooooo!) box from my subscription! I think when I can afford it... I'm definitely buying myself another subscription! Forever cursing and thanking my godmother for getting me hooked!
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