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♡ Why Do I Wear Make-up? ♡


So I saw this post by Winona and I thought it was a very inspirational post so I have decided to do one for myself. If I had seen this six months ago I would not have done this for the life of me... but now I feel more comfortable with my skin, despite it being in such bad condition at the moment, so here we go! 
What we have to do is show our face half bare and half with make-up on - without editing the pictures because that is naughty naughty (・`ω´・) I have cheated a little and re-added some recent pictures - the left being me without make-up and right is with make-up etc... cheating cheater that's me! This post... it's kind of like giving us a chance to show that we are comfortable with who we are without the whole 'make-up is bad' nagging going on in the background. I would love to see others do this and hey, if I can pluck up the courage to do so then so can YOU!
1. When did you start to wear make-up?
It wasn't until I went to college - so around the age of 15/16 - when make-up became interesting to me and so I went through the whole experimenting phase with finding out what colours suited my skin tone and what foundations / concealers / powders were right for my awful combination skin etc.I want to say that I was comfortable with myself during school days but truthfully I wasn't because of horrendous bullying but I never succumbed to the /ploy/ of make-up because I was such a tomboy. Since the age of 13; I've had the wonderful trouble of teenage acne skin problems and because of my size back then, my cheeks would easily turn red so I had lots of uneven skin colour and these problems continued on throughout college and hey I still have some of these problems now even though I am turning 23 in two weeks time! 
2. How do you feel without make-up?
Well, I did go through a phase during my university years where I wouldn't even walk to the corner shop to buy a pint of milk without wearing foundation, powder and mascara. But since having a job at the nursery; wearing so much make-up everyday became a task as well as being surrounded by co-workers who didn't wear make-up at all, I slowly started wearing less and less to the point where I can comfortably walk around without a scrap of make-up on. Working at the nursery certainly brought me out of my shell and put into my head that wearing make-up or not wearing make-up is NOT  bad thing and so I shouldn't be judged on my decision on whether I want to wear make-up or not on certain days. I am officially comfortable with how my face looks without make-up - even with the blemishes I still get every now and again.
3. What do you like about make-up?
I like the fact that one day if I fancy it; I can go around wearing natural looking make-up for a day look then adding some glitz and glam - and some false eyelashes - and turn that into a going out night look. I like how there is all sorts of make-up for different skin types and I like how no one is compressed to a singular brand in their life. I also love seeing all the make-up styles from all over the world via different genres of music and different styles of fashion.
4. Tell your story about your growing love for make-up:
My love for make-up certainly isn't a natural thing, it grew on my as I hit a certain age in life. Already at this point I was into Japanese music especially visual kei / j-rock / j-pop etc so I took to copying and editing the styles that I saw on particular idols in these genres - mainly looking at The Gazette and Alice Nine for visual kei inspiration and then looking at j-pop idols such as Namie Amuro and Koda Kumi etc. Then around 2009 I was introduced to k-pop and I was hooked by their bright coloured and subtle yet extreme make-up styles and so my make-up changed to follow these particular styles. Nowadays I look into more street style inspiration make-up as well as loving the Gyaru fashion and make-up side of things - especially Rokku Kei style. I know I will never be as good as the models in the pages of magazines like EGG, Popteen, Ageha etc but I enjoy learning about the different styles and giving it all a go because then I know I've tried it without thinking that it wouldn't suit me anyway. I love looking at /mature/ style make-up also - looking at inspirational bloggers like Style Suzi and Sebastian Simon.
5. Tell your three holy grail make-up products:
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 13
Skin Food Peach Sake Silky Smooth Powder
No.7 Extreme Length Mascara

I seriously do want my friends and (very limited but all the same) followers to have a go at this because despite not liking the pictures of myself - but then again I never really do like pictures of myself - I feel more confident and relaxed about doing this.
Thanks for reading

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