Saturday, 25 August 2012

♡ Lime Crime Haul ♡


I was lucky enough to have some spare money left over for a slight Lime Crime splurge! I've never bought anything from this site before but I have read lots of reviews (good and bad mind you...) and articles about the brand and the products itself. I managed to purchase five items without making my bank account cry too much, especially when the products I purchased were actually on sale due to discontinuation, which is a shame but I feel lucky / happy to get something from Lime Crime! Oh and it came with a little Aquataenia postcard... how adorable!

A little information about the magic dazzle dust eyeshadow on the Lime Crime website:

Collection of high-shimmer loose eyeshadows, inspired by your favorite fairytales. Designed for dreamy effects on your eyes, lips and cheeks, these loose powders combine intense pearlescence with just a touch of underlying color. Each Magic Dust comes in a no-spill container.

TIPS & TRICKS: Remove plastic seal from the sifter. With lid tightly closed, tap bottom of jar lightly upside down. Use product from the sifter with a brush, sponge applicator or fingers. For all-day wear & crease-proof finish, prime your lids with our acclaimed Eyeshadow Helper.

DIVA: warm bronze colour with a hint of sparkle gold

TWILIGHT: soft lavender-purple with twinkles of violet. Subtle yet fanciful!

CUPCAKE THIEF: soft pink with beautiful glow. Excellent cheek-bone highlighter!

TOP HATTIE: pure shimmery white

EYESHADOW HELPER: "Lasts till dawn... comes off when you want it to."

Despite the fact the primer came a bit cracked around the edges, I am thrilled with my items and the cute little purple packaging it came it! I am such a sucker for the colour purple - and red but shhh! Oh and it was delivered within a week of payment so that is super quick compared to some online stores where packages arrive a week after shipment, but with Lime Crime it arrived a week after payment and not shipment! So 10/10 for delivery there ★

I simply cannot wait to go out wearing these fantastic Lime Crime shadows and I cannot wait to order more items from Lime Crime in the future as I do have my eye on the Chinchilla opaque lipstick, the Palette D'Antoinette fantasy eyeshadow palette and the entire nail polish collection! *Whew* I hope my bank account can handle my little indulgences!

Thanks for reading!

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