Friday, 20 April 2012

♡ Friend Date! ♡


On Wednesday; I went and met up with my school friend Frankie, who I have known for almost 12 years now (crazy shit) and we spent the day in Chelmsford town centre doing some shopping, having some lunch and just a general catch up as we haven’t seen each other since New Year’s Eve. It's nice to see her because I can be myself around her without judging me and she understands some of the situations I have been in because she has probably gone through the same thing. Also we can have a good laugh and take the piss out of people without actually saying certain things (like names etc)

ANYWAY ( (ミ´ω`ミ)) we met up at Starbucks for a nice coffee - something I have not had in a really long time - and I actually had a medium sized Chai Tea Latte and in the end I wished I had ordered a small because the actual size of the cup as well as the sweetness of the Latte was overwhelming and I actually couldn't finish the drink (つω`*)
We mooched around the shops in High Chelmer, going into La Senza (so I could find out about the job going on in there) and then Republic (for eyeing up and wishing of lovely clothes) followed by Boots - where I felt I had bought the whole makeup counter because I had run out of every makeup source possible and the last time I bought things like that was back in January... so much makeup was needed ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

As it was around 2pm at this point we headed over to Prezzo for a delicious lunch. Frankie and I shared a bread board where there was tomato and pesto bread, mozzarella and garlic bread, ciabatta and music bread with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil to dip the bread into. I wanted something filling yet healthy to eat and when reading the menu I had noticed that there were calories put next to the food and I couldn't resist eating a pizza! I chose the QUATTRO FORMAGGI which had gorgonzola, goat’s cheese, grana padano AND mozzarella cheese on... I was in a cheese heaven ヾ(×× ) ツ and I had a side ceasar salad and the whole calories for the meal was 800 - it seems high but it was all I ate for the rest of the day and I couldn't even finish the pizza.

After lunch, Frankie and I went walking about again to burn off our food (we weren't overly full but full enough you know?) and walking through an ally way to get to the main high street I saw a Banksy still street art with some cruddy written quote above it and I suppose I just couldn't resist taking a picture!

More shopping was involved as I needed some books for my Japanese studies and Waterstones had a pretty large collection - for once - and so after much deciding I chose Berlitz's Japanese in 30 Days (with a cd) and Essential Japanese, the Oxford Japanese Dictionary and a Japanese for Busy People workbook - they had other books from the "Busy People" range but I chose the workbook and have decided to get the other two when I am next in town!

As you can tell from the picture above; my makeup collection now vast and wide with some pretty colours! I mainly stuck to a couple of brands because I know they won't cause my skin to break out (as I've mentioned previously about my sensitive skin!) and I would list them all but I need to write another blog post that is linked to something I wrote a couple of months ago (?)
Argh! I keep saying I'll write certain things but I just keep forgetting! Silly memory ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

We also went into Topshop because I wanted to see if a bag I had seen online - but sadly was out of stock - would be in the shop but alas again... no such prevail ; 3 ; but I did buy a couple of hairbands and some earrings for half price and a nice skull top! Also getting student discount in Topshop made the purchase a little better and made me feel less guilty for such frivolous items!

The last shop we went into before I had to go home (boo) was Paperchase because I had to get a scrap book for a project I am doing (might write a blog about it... not sure to be honest) and a bag for the presents I am organizing too! ヾ(*´∇`)ノ

I think I have covered everything... long blog post is long though (_ _") but oh well! Have a picture of my face to finish it off O(≧▽≦)O

Thanks for reading!

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