Friday, 2 March 2012

♡ Food Date with Ahjumma ♡


So I came back to London for my studies and yesterday afternoon I met up with my lovely friend Sharan, who I met originally online and we met in person for the first time back in January and we clicked instantly. She treated me to a late lunch as she knows the reason to why I've been feeling down a lot lately and it was nice to be treated honestly, and for one day I pigged out and didn't worry about my weight and just enjoyed good food and good company. So originally Sharan and I met up in Starbucks in Kingston and I enjoyed a gorgeous Chai Tea Latte (small one as I do find it a bit sickly sweet for my taste) but I still enjoyed it all the same and when Sharan arrived we must have chatted for almost an hour before we took the train over to New Malden (why take a 30 minute bus journey when it takes about 5 minutes and two stops on the train eh?) and we headed over to a small restaurant called Haru.
Now I must admit I do have a confession to make; despite New Malden being a 20 minute bus journey away from me and it being a thriving Korean community, I have hardly been there and enjoyed the food because I've never had anyone to go with and even though I have gone into places and eaten by myself... recently I've just felt too scared to do it and so I was happy to jump at the chance to eat here with Sharan.

We sat out at the back of the restaurant, where you have to take your shoes off and sit crossed legged at a low table, which I enjoyed despite getting pins and needles every now and again! There was so much nice food on the menu it was hard to choose but in the end we had one dish that we would have to ourselves and a couple that we could share between us. I chose chicken udon soup and Sharan had don katsu with rice and the dishes we shared were these:

Ddeokbokki, Gimbap, Kimchijeon, Kkanpunggi

I do believe we devoured every last morsel of food and it was just seriously delicious! It felt like I was back in the heart of Seoul eating delicious and scrummy foods that they had to offer. After our meal, we had a hearty 30 minutes walk to Korea Foods, where I needed to get some bits and pieces for meals as I am here until Saturday morning and inside the supermarket it was wonderful. They didn't just have Korean food; they had Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and even Singaporean food and after we got out little bits and pieces I was introduced to an ice-cream that was... how do I put it... it was wrapped in a plastic wrapper that felt exactly like the same consistency of a condom!
Never in my life had I felt this dirty and perverted eating an ice-cream... AND IT'S AIMED AT CHILDREN?! I have no words... It was tasty I'll admit and I normally hate chocolate ice-cream!

Ummm... I think that was about it for what happened yesterday! But now I must sleep for I am travelling back to my parents home tomorrow morning and when I get back I will write another blog post about TEFL, which is something I said I would do for my friend Ali ☆
Thanks for reading

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