Sunday, 22 April 2012

♡ Shopping Service Review Part II ♡


On Thursday morning, I was woken up at around 8am because of a very lovely delivery for myself from Kairai and my bad mood for being awoken so early disappeared very quickly when I did realise that the rather large box contained some extremely wonderful items that I had been aching to pay for since January! What I love about Kairai’s services is that he ships his goods using Fedex and being a person who usually use SAL to have things shipped to me from Japan, I might have fallen in love with Fedex and now will be willing to pay extra to have things delivered in 1-3 days instead of waiting a long excruciating week for items to arrive on my doorstep – see this just shows impatient I really am!

So I received an email from Kairai on Sunday saying that he had posted off my items and gave me my tracking number – which I honestly never use because it makes the wait more unbearable – and the package arrived on Thursday so that is really quick and amazing delivery in my honest opinion for an impatient bugger like myself! I have a strange obsession with amazon boxes from other countries and this is my first amazon box from Japan so I carefully ripped off the packing tape (as I needed to save the order form on the front for banking reasons) and gleefully diving into pieces of Japanese newspaper, I pulled out bubble wrapped bundles of heaven for inside the box was a collection of Alice Nine cds and one of their live dvds! Altogether there were 10 cds (so 11 items altogether) and there were a mixture of singles and albums all ranging from 2004 – 2007 and in the picture below you will see what specific ones I got:

 名前は、未だ無ひ (2004)
 祇園盛者の鐘が鳴る (2004)
 九龍 Nine Heads Rodeo Show (2006)
 Fantasy (2006)
 絶景色 (2006)
 Number Six (2006)
 White Prayer Regular Edition (2007)
 Alice in Wonderland (2005)
 White Prayer Limited Edition (2007)
 Jewels (2007)
 Hello Dear Numbers Live DVD (2006)

So as you can probably tell I am one happy person at this specific moment in time ヾ(*´∇`)ノ I have officially fallen in love with Japanese auction sites because of the fact I can find my favourite things (cds, dvds, clothes, make-up etc) for such really cheap prices! Oh and Kairai is an amazing person to be able to do this for me ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚
Thanks for reading!

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