Thursday, 21 April 2016

♡ The Rogue + The Wolf Wishlist ♡


I am, without a doubt, in love with The Rogue + The Wolf's jewellery. I am not, normally, a jewellery person - it takes a lot to sway me to accessories, and I only have a few bits and pieces in my jewellery box, that aren't earrings. I have been following The Rogue + The Wolf's instagram // twitter for a while now, and the lust for a few things have grown, extremely, real! It's only a few pieces that I would like, but the pieces I would love, well I'd want to get them before my trip to Japan, that's for sure!!

As you can see, I have a particular interest in the black polyamide range... they are, honestly, just simply stunning and their instagram feed is, well inspiration heaven! I will have these pieces one day, mark my word - these beauties shall be mine! *inserts manic laughter here* Does anything on their site interest you?

Thanks for reading!

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