Friday, 1 April 2016

♡ WTFood; Sakura Flavoured Pepsi ♡


Spring seems to be in full bloom now, and Japan is no exception. Everyone must know that every spring, their sakura trees are the best thing you could go and experience whilst visiting. It is something on my bucket list, and whilst I am going at the end of November this year - I will have to cross this off in the near future. To replace not being able to see the sakura blossom, Japan has come out with m a n y items flavoured with the beautiful blossom. It, honestly, feels never ending the amount of things you can find - sakura flavoured jelly beans, sakura matcha kitkat, sakura crisps sakura white & black tea, sakura mochi, sakura red bull energy drinks and even McDonalds and Starbucks bring out limited edition sakura flavoured items! The list seems endless right now...
But today's sakura flavoured item is something that was put into April's edition of Tokyotreat (I will be writing a separate post about this) and oh boy - I frickin' love it already! Sakura Pepsi seems to be one of the biggest things at the moment, and I can see why with this cute (and very pink!) drink. 
One of the things that scares me the most, is that items will be EXTREMELY overpowered by the sakura taste but, it's not?! You can definitely taste that it is pepsi - and not coca cola blurgh - and there is a light, but refreshing floral back flavour of the sakura. The pink colour is a bonus addition to the drink, it kind of pulls everything together and lets us know that it's sakura flavoured, and nothing else. I love it. The subtle taste of this is just perfect for this drink and I'm kinda gutted that the UK doesn't do anything like this whatsoever! We do kinda suck at the whole "trying new things" attitude to be honest...

I do know, however, that you can get this drink either from or an ebay seller called 'jappy11' who specialises in giving the rest of the world, the taste of Japan. I use this seller all the time for my favourite white peach fanta when it's on sale (as I believe it's a spring/summer drink too?) and I get other bits and pieces as well! 

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  1. Ahh I'd love to try this! x

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