Sunday, 26 April 2015

♡ The Sweet Club ♡


I apologise from the bottom of my heart for the lack of posts recently... there has been a part of me where I just haven't had to energy to do so? It kind of feels like a funk almost even though I have posts planned out, I just haven't had any energy to get up and complete them / take photographs for them... does anyone else feel this way?

So today's blog post is about a lovely subscription box by The Sweet Club. Being 100% British, sweets are definitely a part of my childhood and even nowadays I still fancy a little bit of something here and there. The Sweet Club certainly brings out my inner child with the amount of choices they have to offer on their website and it was such a lovely surprise to see sweets that I don't actually see often these days. It's such a simple process to create a box to your style and tastes, you literally browse through all the choices they have to offer, pick the eight that appeal to you the most and boom that is your first box sorted. They then ask you questions before you check out and from that they either send random sweets or send you ones that you specifically want. How easy is that?

For my first (and only at this point mind you... I couldn't eat a box per month phew) I choose; love hearts, poppets, milk chocolate beans aka smarties, milk chocolate mini eggs, orange and lemon fizz balls, kola kubes, sugared almonds and jelly beans.

For £7.95 (for first box only, it goes up to £9.95 after that) and with free shipping, this subscription box is such a bargain and it honestly transported me back to my childhood to the old sweet shop near my house and just remembering my brother taking me with our pocket money and choosing our favourites from the rows and rows of glass jars... it's just heaven. Also, my parents dove into this box and well when they noticed what selection I had... luckily they didn't get their hands on the love hearts otherwise blood would have been spilled grrr!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a lovely idea! This would make an excellent gift :))

    Dannie x