Tuesday, 28 April 2015

♡ Favourite Japanese Dramas & Films of 2014 ♡


I think it comes as no surprise to anyone reading this who knows me extremely well... I am definitely a drama and film addict! I don't tend to watch dramas as they are airing, especially the ones I really do want to watch, because (as impatient as I am) I will hate the waiting in between each episode, so I painstakingly wait until the very last episode before I go on a series binge. Probably not a healthy way to do it... but I do find that it works?! Anyway, I hope some of these dramas inspires you to go out and watch them and not laugh at the fact that I may like a certain kind of genre more than others these days oops~

Shitsuren Chocolatier

What do you get when you put chocolate, romance and Matsumoto Jun together into a drama? One where you can relate to by the unrequited love section of the storyline, two where you can drool over the delectable amount of chocolate shown during this drama and three.... you just need a Jun to simper over. I enjoyed the romantic storyline to this drama in particular, mainly because it wasn't overly cliche but stepped into other boundaries that people actually have to face in their love lives etc. But, everything seemed to be executed perfectly and I could watch this drama over and over and over again without becoming bored... in fact I am so in love with this drama that I'd even gone ahead and purchased the entire manga collection because after googling it and seeing how beautiful the artwork was... I just could resist! So do watch this drama, you honestly won't be disappointed with what is to offer!

Dear Sister

This is such a brilliant comedic and family drama, end of. Even though I don't have a sister, I do, however, have an older brother and there are so many parts of this drama I can honestly relate to, as the one doing that kind of stuff to my brother and vice versa. The pairing of Matsushita Nao and Ishihara Satomi as the Fukazawa siblings is, quite simply, perfect as they both capture many of the true natures of siblings that don't always get along because of certain... issues. Thrown into the mix are a few delectable eye candies for us to swoon over *cough* Iwata Takanori *coughcough* and you have an amazing drama in your hands.

Bitter Blood

Holy cannolis was this a good drama. It was, by far, one of the best police dramas I have watched and normally, I don't tend to watch them as few have kept my attention and kept me wanting to keep watching until the end. That was until I started watching this particular drama. It was the poster that intrigued me to watch this in the first place, upon seeing Sato Takeru playing the main role it kind of sold me to start watching and yet... the storyline just kept me hooked through each episode until the very end. I love the "not too close, but looking out for each other because we're family" part of the storyline - a father and son partner team where the son doesn't get along with his father because he ran out on him, his mother and sister when he was younger. They get thrown together by coincidence - and with a little nudge by the chief - and have to work together and as you watch the angst and bitterness from the son (and even the father as well) disappear throughout the drama... it's really quite heart warming. Again, by far one of the best police dramas I have watched to date and there is a small part of me that hopes there is a second season or special episode in the future.

Now I know what you're thinking... and despite watching quite a few dramas from 2014 (not all of them jfc) but these three are the ones that stood out to me the most because honestly... I was extremely disappointed with what came out last year. Some, I did like but only liked enough to watch only once where as these three particular dramas, I could easily watch again and again without a doubt. 2015 does seem to show some promising dramas though... so I'm hoping that this years list will be a little bit longer than this one!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great post <3 I haven't watched a drama in ages :O I need to get back into them!!

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