Sunday, 29 March 2015

♡ L'OREAL Skin Perfection Toner & Cleansing Milk ♡


Continuing on with Holy Grail products, I now bring to you my favourite toner and cleansing milk made suitable for sensitive skin aaahhh ♡♡♡

Where to even start with these products... well I was actually introduced to the cleansing milk by my mother who had a bottle in her cupboard, had only used it once and then purchased the age renew version of the cleansing milk so thus handing it over to me. I didn't use it straight away as I was already in mid-cleanse from my usual cleanser and toner line (Skin Food Parsley and Mandarin line for troubled skin) so I finished those up before starting on the cleansing milk. Oh boy. I, honest to god, noticed a difference in my skin (literally) a couple of days after incorporating the cleansing milk into my skincare routine and I was loving it!

The fact that I was loving the cleansing milk already without using the toner... well you can all probably guess my reaction to when I found out there actually WAS a toner in my local supermarket. Bang tidy in my basket it went - and it was decently priced as well for £3.99! How could anyone refuse that pricing?! I started incorporating the toner into my routine the very same night after purchasing and the next morning, my skin was super soft with no visible signs of excess oil nor breakouts from using a new product. I think I am in heaven with these two products at the end of the day.

Now, I do apologise for this next paragraph because I will probably sound a little snobbish ;A; but after using Korean skincare products for the past 4/5 years of my life... I was a little sceptical about going back to western skincare products after bad past experiences but L'Oreal have well and truly surprised me with their Skin Perfection line for sensitive skin. I can put my hands on my heart and vow that I have been re-converted back to a western line for now and I can also say that I feel slightly relieved that I, now, don't have to hunt around any more for the "perfect" toner/cleanser products... massive weight off my shoulders there!

Thanks for reading!

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