Saturday, 7 March 2015

♡ Candysan Haul // Unboxing ♡


I have, certainly, done my fair share of searching around on the internet to find the best deals on Japanese snacks - ebay, Oyatsu Cafe etc - but to put it perfectly frank... none of them have ever really compared to Candysan.

Originally, I was introduced to most of these particular snacks via my gorgeous penpal and the reason why she chose these particular snacks for me is because they were easy to get a hold of online - which is lovely of her because, in reality, I hate pestering people for things >///< A few others are complete first time tries from seeing other bloggers write about them and as I wanted to try them myself, I finally gave in and purchased them! So, without further ado, lets get on with the unboxing!

Selection of Umaibo

L-R; Shrimp & Mayo, Tonkatsu Sauce, Teriyaki Burger, Takoyaki, Yakitori & Pizza flavour

Takoyaki Tei, BBQ Cheetos and Triple Cheese Scones

Calpis Flavoured Marshmallows

Selection of Cookies & Cake

L-R; Country Ma'am Black Chocolate Cookies, Oreo Mont Blanc Soft Cookies & Koi Matcha Cake

Country Ma'am White Chocolate Sweets

Selection of Puccho & Memtos

Memtos; grape and soda assortment. Puccho; Disney, Vitamin Gold, Sweetie, White Grape & Cola

To date, this is my biggest snack/candy haul and oh my days so much! I never realised how much I actually purchased until I got to the checkout counter but even then I didn't realise how bad it would have been until I laid them all out at once... oops!

Don't worry though. I'm definitely not going to gorge my way through all these goodies! I'm going to (extremely slowly) munch through something every couple of weeks, some will be reviewed but others... eh it depends?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ooo such a good haul!! I hope you like the Teriyaki umaibo, it's my favourite thing EVER!!

  2. CALPIS MARSHMALLOWS!!! I miss them so much :'( I hope you love them as much as I did!

    Dannie x