Thursday, 27 November 2014

♡ Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Cosmetics ♡


Ahhh I am so excited about writing this post that I could spontaneously combust! I won't though... I will try to keep it together for a while ヽ(´▽`;)/♪

Now; if you're an avid Sailor Moon fan like myself, then you would have heard about the cosmetic line they brought out in collaboration with Creer Beaut Cosmetics and sold via Premium Bandai! Unfortunately they were originally unavailable to oversea buyers but luckily Dreamybows were able to get some in stock and sold them at Hyper Japan! I think they're putting the rest up on their online store by the end of the week ♡

Here is more information about the compact from; "After a lot of fan requests for transformation items, they decided to make the first authentic adult makeup product with the Crystal Brooch! The actual product name is “Sailor Moon R Moon Miracle Romance Shining Powder“, which will be the first of the “Miracle Romance” cosmetics series. It is a pressed powder that prevents an oily look on your skin, perfect for touching up your makeup. It is formulated with moisturizing ingredients to leave your skin feeling soft and plump. The powder is a glittery pink tone which gives your skin a bright and glossy look. When you open the lid of the compact, a princess floral fragrance spreads gently"

Here is more information about the lipbalm; "The item I think everyone will be most excited about is the Sailor Moon Moon Stick Lip Stick, which is the 4th item in the Miracle Romance cosmetics series. It is a palm-sized lip balm good for everyday use in the shape of Sailor Moon’s first season wand. The lip cream is blended with jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, collagen and vitamin E with a peach fragrance"

I do want to add that I want to thank Dreamybows for being able to get their hands on these gorgeous products and to my mama Sharan for getting me the lipbalm as a birthday present! I honestly would have just purchased both by myself but she was so insistent and omg I nearly cried at her generosity I love her to pieces!! ♡♡♡ Now, enough talking... let the pictures do the rest of whatever it was I wanted to say but cannot remember now;

Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Shining Powder

Sailor Moon Moon Stick Lipbalm

And before I completely break down and make a total arse of myself for FINALLY getting these beautiful pieces... I did manage to get some pictures of them together;

Aren't they just stunning though?! I love how the compact is just like a small proplica (prop slash replica) and I cannot wait until my new shelving has been put up in my room for me to display these stunners in all their glory!!! Sorry... I'll stop fangirling now and leave you to your dinners ♡

Thank you for reading!


  1. Wow it's all gorgeous! :D
    I've never seen Sailor Moon but the packaging is super adorable x3

  2. The Sailor Moon Cosmetics Line is so dreamy~ ^ u ^
    I would love to collect all of their products! ^ v ^

  3. Oh wow, they look really beautiful :)

  4. ohmygaaaad *____* -dies- I'm in love with this!

  5. They are so beautiful <3 omg I need these in my life!

    Dannie x