Saturday, 22 November 2014

♡ Oyatsu Cafe Unboxing // Review ♡


I am super duper behind on my planned blog posts and I apologise so much! There were a couple of obstacles in the way though... the first one being that we switched internet providers and something went wrong so we were without internet for about six days. The second obstacle was Hyper Japan last weekend and didn't really have internet then and the final obstacle being work! Seriously, I wake up and it's dark and when I get home from work it's dark again and I just haven't had enough energy recently to get everything done? ANYWAY; small babbling session over, on with this post!

As many of you probably know, I do enjoy my snacks (more savoury than sweet but I am trying to branch out more!) and I do have a stash hidden around my room so my family doesn't pinch my goodies! If I wanted to share them, they I will do so but as they like to sneak it away from me, I'll just keep it hidden until further notice!

Tohato Caramel Corn in Delicious Milk (Yo-Kai Watch Edition)

I had only tried one flavour of this product before in the past and I have wanted to branch out more with the flavours (there seems to be a few around?) so when I saw the milk flavour with an added bonus of extremely cute packaging... how could I refuse?! The taste of this reminds me of something I've had before, but do you know when you cannot remember what it was and you just ponder where you have had this familiar flavour before? Yup, that was me for about two weeks. I still cannot remember what flavour I am on about but this caramel corn is absolutely delicious! It is very sweet though and I could only eat about a quarter of a packet every couple of days... but I did take a packet in to share with my work colleagues and they seemed to enjoy them as well!

Mitsuya Cider Candy in Original and White

Ugh, Mitsuya Cider Candy is honestly one of my favourite sweets out there! I love the raspy texture you get when you suck on it and I adore the tartness of the lemonade. I remember when I first saw these I, hand on my heart, believed they were alcoholic but alas like wine gums over here in the UK they are not, in fact, doused with alcohol. I love all of the cider candy flavours so I couldn't resist getting a couple of these packets just to hide a few in my purse for when I have a sugar crash moment during a long day at work.

Fujiya Milky

These little buggers are extremely addictive!! They remind me of taffy because of the texture but also like a softer version of a chewit (google it for you non-UK folks if you don't know!) I adore the milky flavour of these sweet and it has such a subtle after taste that you're not left with a sugar residue left in the roof of your mouth - I know that sentence sounds weird but I get that feeling sometimes with certain sweets?

Home Run Ken Miso Sauce Instant Ramen

No order is incomplete without an instant ramen and I've had my eye on this particular brand and flavour for an extremely long time. I wanted to try it that badly that I ate this bad boy on the same day my parcel was delivered... talk about impatient!! The taste of the miso was just  a little bit over powering at first for me but I grew accustomed to the taste towards the end. Sometimes, I find with instant ramyun (Korean instant ramen) that the portions are a little bit too much but this portion size was just perfect and didn't make me feel bloated slash overfull at the end!
So as you guys may have already guessed... nearly all of these goodies are gone! I only have one packet of Mitsuya Cider Candy left in my tuck box and I'm saving that for whenever I need a pick me up! I really do recommend Oyatsu Cafe for getting your Japanese snack fixes out of the way (as well as a couple of others but shhh) and I'm dying here because I want to do another order - as well as subscribe to their Oyatsu Box - but I'm waiting until Christmas and New Year is over so I can treat myself then!! And another point I'd like to make, I paid an extra few pounds and upgraded the shipping so it came within less than a week instead of waiting around for 2+ weeks with impatience! I now have, officially, been converted and will always pay that extra few pennies to bump up the shipping to a faster service and Oyatsu Cafe really deliver with that service - you honestly get what you've paid for!
And on the final, final note; I do apologise also for such a short post... but as I said, I'm super behind on what I need to get out that I'm just zooming them out for you! Be prepared for an onslaught of posts filling up your timelines over the next week ohmigosh!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ahhh everything looks so tasty! >u<

  2. The Tohato caramel corn sound really good, I'll have to try those :)

  3. It all sounds so goooood! I love Fujiya Milky and Mitsuya Cider sweets <3 I'm more of a sweet person than savoury :D

    Dannie x