Monday, 29 September 2014

♡ SKIN FOOD Green Tea Cleansing Foam & Naris Floral Lady Princess Massage Scrub ♡


It is official. I am on my back-ups of beauty products and being halfway through a spending ban... it's a bit of a niggle but I will be fine for another month until I NEED to get something. How typical is that? Also; I want to apologise in advance for the lack of updates recently, but if you don't follow me on twitter you wouldn't have seen my updates last month about my nana passing away and I haven't been in blogger mode since her death and it's affected me more than I thought... so future apologies if it takes me a while to build back up to a post per week.

So in today's post I am talking about two different face washes, one a cleansing foam whilst the other is a massage scrub. The reason why I am reviewing two different contrasting face washes is because of how different they are but in the end, they both do the same thing - if that makes sense?

Naris Floral Princess Massage Scrub

"A massage scrubing cleanser gives you performance of moisture care, whitening, and anti-ageing. It contains hyaluronic acid & peach leaf extract, nourishes skin and helps avoid dryness. The included arbutin and vitamin C derivatives on the other hands give you a whitening care, soothes damages from daytime. Collagen helps maintain a firm skin texture and retain skin elasticity. With light and pleasant fruity scent."

This first face wash is a scrub style wash with extremely tiny exfoliating beads to create a kind of "rough" foamy wash, I've put air quotes around a certain word because when you first dispense it onto your hands, you cannot feel the beads until you lather it between your hands. I, honestly, quite liked the fact that the exfoliating beads are tiny and unnoticeable in this wash and the smell is (indeed) floral but not an overpowering kind of floral scent.

SKIN FOOD Green Tea Cleansing Foam

"Refreshing cleansing foam is enriched with green tea extracts, a powerful antioxidant that protects skin against free radical-damage. Smooth milk extracts provide gentle exfoliation by buffing away dead skin cells for smoother and glowing skin. Twice a day, squeeze out a coin-sized amount of facial wash, add a few drops of water and work into a lather before massaging lather on face."

This face wash is like any other cleansing foam, except that it is rather thick when dispensed onto hands but this is a good point as it means that you use less of the product as a little does go a long way and makes an amazing amount of foam when lathered up. Despite it not have a exfoliating effect like the Naris massage scrub, it does make my skin feel extreme soft and smooth as I tend to leave cleansing foams on for a good 3 to 5 minutes where as with a exfoliating scrub, I'll wash it off almost immediately after massaging it in.

↑↑ both face washes are good in their own genre of face wash
↑↑ both have a nice smell
↑↑ the tiny beads in the massage scrub is a nice change
↑↑ with the Skin Food wash, you don't need to use a lot
↑↑ both well priced and easy to get a hold of (ebay and

↑↑ Naris scrub, you need a lot of product to get a good lather
↑↑ I can't think of any more cons....

Overall Verdict; ★
Both face washes really are a good investment into your daily skin care routine. To make the Naris massage scrub last a bit longer though, I only use it twice a week but using the Skin Food cleansing foam every day really has helped my skin become more softer, shiner (in a good way) and it makes me feel less inclined to wear make-up to cover up my bad points of my skin. Personally, the Skin Food cleansing foam is a better investment for your money but the Naris massage scrub does obviously have its good points for your skin.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I like the sound of the Skinfood wash but I find foam washes always seem to dry out my skin :( Might take a chance and give it a go!