Saturday, 19 July 2014

♡ Etude House Dear Darling Lip Tints ♡


I should dub July as a dedication to anything Etude House... mainly in the region of lip products and the next few ones (including this post) is based around Etude House products and lipsticks / tints etc. Ooops?
Product details; Etude House Dear Darling tint is a jelly lip tint that will give a natural color to your lips without the stickiness that will surely keep your lips hydrated and pucker worthy. This definitely give your lips long-lasting moisture while giving you the versatility of controlling how light or vivid you want it to look like. It has an excellent lasting power and does not easily transfer. You can simply go from an everyday look to a glam look with this amazing product. You now can get that vivid yet natural color that every girl out there is craving to have. It gives high versatility as a few dabs can give a healthy look while more dabs can give an instant night glam for night dates or partying with the girls.
First impressions; a rather plain looking product, especially for Etude House's standard of all things cute! I'm surprised at such a boring looking tube but oh well. I do like, however, how you can see the colours of the liquid through the tube so you know exactly what you're getting. I was instant drawn to the 'Vampire Red' colour because of how dark it looks in the tube and I was worried about the 'Orange Red' as it comes across more orange than actual red in the tube but hey, first impressions can (and usually are) be wrong.

Berry Red

Real Red

Orange Red

Vampire Red

↑↑ Can build up colour to either do a gradient lip or full coverage
↑↑ Nice smell (like lollipops almost)
↑↑ Non sticky
↑↑ Lasts a decent amount of time when you're not drinking / eating etc
↑↑ Pigmented after build up of colour

↑↑ Messy
↑↑ Can't control where you want the liquid to go unlike lipsticks
↑↑ Drying and shows cracks in lips

Overall Verdict; ★
Tints are not as bad as I thought they were. Yes, the main problem I have with them is you can't control how to place the colour on your lips so some places look more pigmented in colour than others but hey, you win and you lose some. I absolutely adore the 'Vampire Red' colour out of this line because with the build up, you can have a really gorgeous lip colour that works if you're aiming for a doll-like make-up look with either gradient lips or full coverage. I also must admit that the smell of these tints were rather inviting as well... a sweet jellybean/lollipop kind of smell, that would send any sugar addict into overdrive (unlike myself but it still was a lovely smell) I will definitely practice more with these tints and maybe one day in the future, they might grow on me a bit more.
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  1. I love the finished effect of these tints (I have Berry Red) but they're way too watery for my liking. Like you said it can be really difficult to apply them neatly and evenly. They do smell good though :P

  2. @Sammi; I agree wholeheartedly with you! It's a shame they are so watery but hey... at least the build up colour is lovely at the end of it all! Thank you for stopping by!