Sunday, 23 March 2014

♡ Spring x Sheinside Inspiration ♡


The warmer weather here in the UK can mean that more people tend to wear less clothing and show off more flesh but stuff like that doesn't interest me. I keep my legs covered 365 days a year and I barely show off my arms... at a push I will show lower arm but that's about it in the arm department.
Now, I have heard bad things about Sheinside from friends and other blogs I follow but I've got to admit... the fact they have everything for inspiration in one place makes things a lot easier than searching all over the world wide web and taking forever. Doing it this way, I can find items that I like then search all over for a duplicate or something similar.

vintage chiffon blouse x denim contrast blouse x landscape print blouse
star print blouse x denim lace contrast blouse x grey zipper blouse

Jumpers x Cardigans
black lapel cardigan x wine red zipper jumper x black pu contrast jumper
black striped loose jumper x grey contrast jumper x gradient fluffy jumper
white star print t-shirt x wine red ruffled top x Disney print t-shirt 
long sleeved Mickey Mouse top x printed loose hem top x explicit t-shirt
Trousers x Leggings
printed skinny jeans x white star jeans x small star print jeans
skull print hareem pants x black pu leggings x loose ripped denim pants

Ngl... I do need some serious colour injection into my wardrobe but I'm pretty happy with what I've picked and already after searching through endless pages, there were items of clothing that I instantly recognised from seeing them on ebay and other sites I use. I've also just realised that I have used a couple of items again from previous posts! What can I say? When I like something I guess I do like something...
What are everyone else's inspirations for spring? Do you have a model / icon etc who's fashion inspires you with clothing? Does anything in this list even take your fancy?
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love SheInside clothes <3
    Lovely blog you have here! You're cute!

    Greetings from Romania!
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