Saturday, 18 January 2014

♡ ETUDE HOUSE Minnie Kissing Lips Lipsticks ♡


After reading Misa's review on the bubble pink lipstick, as well as a few other reviews, I have been itching to write my own and give my own opinions on these lipsticks.  Now I did get both colours as I honestly could not decide which one to go for as the promotional posters makes the colours out to be a retro style cherry red and a pale-ish bubble pop pink... like a strawberry milkshake colour pink!
First impressions were directed at the pink lipstick... I was disappointed not going to deny it because it was obviously that Etude House lightened the promotional pictures quite a bit which I do find rather cheeky in all honesty. After a while; the actual colour actually grew on me because it is such a lovely colour... I do just wish it was what it was meant to be y'know? Oh well moving on;
Aren't the packages cute?! The sketch drawings on the front definitely suck you into purchasing straight away. Also I love the different colours used to match the lipsticks... kind of makes them stand out just that little bit more. The bar codes on the bottom of the boxes are even shaped like Minnie Mouse's head! 
I also love the different contrasting tube packaging for each lipstick as well... it was certainly different to have one plain with the sketch of Minnie whilst the other was just white with pink dots. Having these different contrasting tubes kind of makes it easier to pick up which one is which if they weren't in their boxes or if you didn't want to keep the outer boxes at all.

In all honesty, from first judgements I do prefer the packaging of the red lipstick because it appeals to me more style wise plus with the fact red is one of my favourite colours it just wins there.
#01 Minnie Red
This colour is simply the most perfect Minnie Mouse red you could ever get... exactly the colour of her signature red dress and bow. The best feature I find about the lipstick is the fact it has a lot of moisture so it doesn't make my lips look all dry and it slicks on easily with only a couple of swipes.

#02 Bubble Pink
Like I said... disappointing that this colour isn't exactly like the one in the promotional pictures but it's still such an amazing colour to wear. Again, very moisturising and doesn't dry out my lips nor does it stick to some of the creases and cracks I still get on my lips during this harsh winter despite the endless amounts of sugar scrubs and vaseline.

↑↑ extremely moisturising colour
↑↑ only need a few swipes on my lips for full coverage
↑↑ affordable
↑↑ extremely pigmented

↑↑ different colour to the promotional pictures

Overall Verdict; ★★★★★
It only loses the one star because of the colour but other than that these lipsticks are pretty perfect for different looks whether they be day or night, natural or extreme style make-up.

Thanks for reading!


  1. GUHHH why do you have the darker pink lipstick? O...O I read that there might be two batches going around so I was really hoping I'd get the darker one and instead I got the bright bubblegum pink version. >...> I wonder if there could be fakes too...

    The pink is my favorite on you :)

  2. @Sample; really?! Two batches?! O.O" that's rather mean tbh D: I would have loved the lighter pink colour tbh but I do like this one as well? But still I would have been happy with what it says in the promotions .____. it wouldn't surprise me if there were fakes floating around... it happens when something so popular gets out!

    Oh my thank you >///<

  3. Thanks for the review girl. I have to say, I love the first one a lot. The packaging matters and the minnie on the tube is cuuuute!

    I've just followed you via GFC, looking forward to your next post love!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
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  4. i adore the shade and gloss of this lipstick. you look absolutely fantastic with it on :)

    hope we can follow each other :D
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  5. Omgg the packaging of these are so adorable!! I've wanted these lipsticks for ages but have never had the time to buy them! Minnie Red really suits you :)
    Btw i really love your blog design, i'm following you now ^_^


  6. the packaging is so nice, and the colours look great on you!