Tuesday, 7 January 2014

♡ Diamond Lash Celebrity Eye ♡


I'm keeping up with my end of the bargain about bring out at least one blog post per week... I now need to decide on a specific day to bring said post but until then voilà! Second post and the first (of probably many many more) review of the year.

Diamond Lashes are pretty much the only brand I had been using (until SHO-BI came into my life) since the first day I've worn lashes and they've never failed me yet. I love how each individual style brings dimension to my eyes (as I feel that my eyes are my best feature) and how pretty much nearly all of the styles can be suitable for everyday looks. My wonderful friend Rachael was kind enough to purchase me a couple of boxes of Diamond Lashes whilst she was out in Japan for a whole month so I asked for my usual Glamour Eye lashes and the Celebrity Eye from the Volume series;

What drew me to the Celebrity Eye more was the thicker parts in the middle of the lashes... normally you see this kind of thing on the outer lashes to help create a cat eye effect but this style called to me and it was definitely the right choice to go for. I think one of the main reasons I go for Diamond Lashes more than other well known brands is the amount you are getting for your money... five pairs of lashes for around 1000 - 1200 yen? C'mon that's practically giving them away if you compare the pricing to say... Dollywink. Now I'm not hating on Dollywink at all that's just one of the obvious ones when you compare right? There are also certain Eyemazing series if you'd like another example.

I love how the lashes are arranged in the palettes but it does scare me when I want to take a pair out because I'm worried that I'd bend it wrong or something... if I could keep them in their boxes forever I would but alas I love them on my eyes too much.

Comfort; the one thing I love the most about Diamond Lashes is the invisible band... it is so flexible that it makes it feel like that I'm not even wearing lashes and that is such a major plus for me as I do have rather sensitive eyes
Durability; one thing I learnt the first time I tried to take a lash out of the packaging is that you have to be so so so careful when doing so because of said invisible band it makes them feel rather flimsy and once you bend them out of shape... you can't really re-shape them to the original style properly which does suck but hey you learn from your mistakes for sure
Design; this design is just perfect... it gives off a dramatic flare as they are quite thick in the middle with rather feathery, natural lashes on the inside and outside of the band. It makes the whole design pretty and the inside lashes don't irritate the inside of my eye...

Overall Verdict; ★★★★★
These lashes get full marks from me as I literally cannot fault them... I can fault other designs from Diamond Lash but these ones it just feels like that they were made for me! It sounds silly I know but they are indeed my favourite style and I haven't stopped wearing this style since I received the box.

Note; I do apologise for the atrocious photographs that have gone with this post... but what with the weather being extremely here and there it's hard to take decent pictures... so hence the overload of lightness that has gone with these ones. Hopefully it shan't happen again any time soon!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Gorgeous lashes!! They look so natural. c:
    I haven't used fake lashes but will definitely keep this brand in mind!!


  2. I've been looking for some good lashes and I always hear such good things about them. :) They look really natural on you but still very pretty. I might have to pick up a box...Can you manage to re-use them?

  3. @Harlynn; to me Diamond Lashes are just the best... there are about five series to choose from and because nearly all of them have the invisible band they are just so easy to use! Let me know if you do decide to get any of them!

    @Sample; yes you can re-use these! Just be extremely careful when cleaning off the dried glue afterwards and you can use them up to five times or more! I tend to get about 9/10 uses from a pair before I have to discard them :) if you want a list of places where to buy these just let me know!