Wednesday, 18 September 2013

♡ Lime Crime Opaque Lipsticks ♡


Last month I received a present from a very generous friend of mine and inside the parcel was three (yes that's right THREE of them) Lime Crime opaque lipsticks! I was extremely shocked when the three boxes fell out onto my lap... and my friend's excuse was that she had 'over purchased and so had spare laying around'... HOW CAN YOU DO THAT EXACTLY?! I KNOW THE PRICES WOMAN but luckily I got my own back on her and surprised her with a goody box full of her favourite English treats!

Anyway going off tangent here just a little bit... in the above right picture you can see that the three colours I received were 'Centrifuchsia', 'Mint To Be' and 'D'Lilac'. These were actually the three colours I've had my eyes on since the day I found out about Lime Crime and gosh it sure was exciting to finally have these three colours in my collection!

Normally if I receive more than one of the same item I would do separate blog posts for them but this time I'll do just one rrreeeaaallllllyyy long one... and maybe do long ones in the future instead of spreading them out... idek anymore ; n ;

"Fuchsia (deep pink), amplified to a cosmic degree!"

So first off is 'Centrifuchsia'... I love love love this colour for the dark pink as it sort of reminds me of something you'd want to use for 40s style make-up? All of the lipsticks are so so so creamy and easy to glide on and are so POW POW in your face - which I presume is the angle Lime Crime decided to aim for - and even the smell of these lipsticks are nice? I know... I'm going onto smell now but they kind of remind me of a mixture of popcorn and twizzle sticks where as other lipsticks I have used in the past - and I'm not saying that I go around sniffing lipsticks on purpose - but I have a rather sensitive sense of smell and so as soon as I open a box of something it's the smell that hits me first. Centrifuchsia is definitely the lipstick out of these three that I would wear the most and even most of my friends (and some of my colleagues from work) have said that this is the colour that suits me the most.

"Crème de lavender, for post-modern Marie Antoinettes!"

Secondly is the ever so lovely 'D'Lilac' and again, like Centrifuchsia, this lipstick is so so so creamy and glides on nicely and smoothly. I did however have to use a lip concealer underneath this lipstick as my lips are extremely pigmented and so I was pretty paranoid that the colour wouldn't show up well and it was a good decision to do so as the colour (again) was very POW POW.

Mint To Be
"Pastel mint green"

At first glance... 'Mint To Be' has been my favourite colour since day one and it still is to this day (despite Centrifuchsia trying to battle for the top spot recently) and the picture I've taken of it here doesn't really give the colour any justice because it is such a lovely pale mint green colour. Again I had to use my lip concealer underneath this colour (curse you pigmented lips!!!) but it helped make the colour stand out even more so I don't regret using the concealer underneath at all.

↑↑ extremely pigmented colours with all three shades
↑↑ non chemical smell like other lipsticks I've used before
↑↑ great for making a change with your make-up
↑↑ can be used for day or night looks

↑↑ price...
↑↑ easily melts

Overall Verdict; ★★★★★
I love them... I love these lipsticks and even though I've heard bad and good things about this brand but in all honesty I've had nothing but good experience with the products.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh wow the colours are a lot more pigmented then I imagined! The lilac one is so pretty, though I don't think I could pull off the green for everyday wear hehe^-^ Thanks for sharing this review! x

  2. Amazing! Is it wrong to like a product simply because there happens to be a unicorn on the packaging? I really love the green.

    Sharon xx

    Beauty, Miscellany

  3. Love the colors and cute packages! The green one looks great on you :D!! Wonder if I could pull off that one :)

  4. @Emily; tbh I don't think the lilac and mint are for everyday wear even though it would be nice to go outside and not be stared at for what I actually like to wear y'know?

    @Sharon; there is honestly nothing wrong with liking a product just because there is a unicorn on it... unicorns are fabulous!

    @Lara; they have a chart on the main website where you can match your skintone to the lipsticks! We're probably pretty similar there so you probably would be able to pull it off!