Saturday, 7 September 2013



I think it's safe to say that AMO is quite possibly everyone's favourite rising star at the moment... especially mine as her fashion sense is perfection and I am extremely jealous of her hair colour /sobs forever in the corner/ I also do love her eyelash line she has done with Ayamo and Eyemazing to create cute and fashionable lashes... but I'm not here to talk about that... I'm here to talk about AMO's new clothing / wig line... well I think it's new?

I love love love the entire layout of the webpage with its mystical... night... some form of pastel type thing going on and what the site has to offer is also love worthy. I think it's sweet that there was a little 'story' page about AMO and the clothing line... my Japanese is awful and reading is actually my weakest point so I honestly cannot translate what it exactly is said;

The next link after the story is actually a page dedicated to outfits of this particular line... what could go with what etc etc and I really agree that this is a great idea to use as sometimes people don't know what goes with what and what looks good together etc so with this small guideline you'll know what you'd like and what it goes with;

I personally like no. 4 and no. 5!

Next we have the whole catalogue of products in sections... so there are full outfits, furry outercoats, wigs, skirts and head accessories which makes shopping and seeing each item a whole lot easier for a customer within the countries as well as overseas (like myself)

I definitely already have a few items that I'd quite happily acquire... is there anything here that catches your eye at all? I already adore the LUNATIC LEMONY LOLLIPOP line as it's already in my top ten favourite Japanese fashion brand line!

Please check out the website and full products; here

Also note that NONE of the pictures are of my own work and are from LUNATIC LEMONY LOLLIPOP'S homepage

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  1. I can't believe I haven't heard of this before!~ Thanks!

  2. @Neiro; I only heard about this brand about a week ago now? You're welcome and thanks for reading c:

  3. @Misa; ikr?! They're all so lovely ;;