Saturday, 31 August 2013

♡ Lockshop Mermaid Split Wig ♡


A while ago I managed to get my hands on a Lockshop wig and I really do mean a while ago here as this particular wig is no longer available via the webshop! I purchased the Mermaid Split Choice B which is half brunette and half milk tea colour and it is simply divine.

↑↑ Stock photograph from the facebook webpage ↑↑

The packaging the wig came in was super duper cute all wrapped in pastel blue tissue paper and so meant that my product came in style and was 100% safe. Once it had been unwrapped... the flow of wavy locks were just seriously fabulous and at first touch it was baby soft, almost like a silky feeling?

I actually didn't try this wig on straight away... I waited a few days and then tried it on so I could adjust the size of the clips inside then took it off and put it away in storage for the next six weeks or so? It was only a couple of weeks ago when I remembered that I actually had this wig and so placed it on, gave a couple of swishes with my wig comb to get ride of any tangles and oh my gosh I don't know even why I never noticed it the first time I tried this wig on by it's just so... light and airy? Can that be said about a wig?

I also love how towards the ends the colours stay pretty separated yet at the top you can blend the two colours together to make it seem more natural? Also before I cut the bangs you could switch them from left to right and have two different fringe looks for different days but sadly I don't feel that side fringes suit my face shape so I sniped away at them to create a box fringe... and once I get a picture of me with that shape bangs then I'll post it here!

↑↑ Super shiny and soft
↑↑ Extremely natural looking
↑↑ Amazing length (I believe it's about 70-75cm?)
↑↑ Beautiful colours

↑↑ Oh nuts... there are no cons about this wig... ok just the fact I had to cut the fringe but nope... nothing wrong with this wig at all!

Overall Verdict: ★★★★★
It's official... I'm going to smash into my savings and buy at least half of Lockshop's stock. Only joking... I need those savings but I definitely know where to go in the future for something a little different as well as recommending this shop to all of my friends who wear wigs!

Check out their main webshop for other products; here
Check out their facebook page for updates and stuff; here

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  1. Wow this is so unusual and pretty! It really suits you as well~ I'm definitely going to check out their site even though I don't wear wigs hehe^-^ x

  2. @Emily; wow thank you ever so much n___n and definitely check what they have to offer :D they do so much more other than wigs!