Monday, 4 February 2013

♡ Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection ♡

As it is a new year; I'm not in the slightest surprised at this newest collection by Etude House - the Sweet Recipe 2013 collection. I am, however, surprised at myself for being so in love with this particular collection because of reasons that are actually unknown! 

The faces of this collection are Sulli from F(x) and I think this other lady is someone from SNSD? I'm not a fan of that particular group so I honestly cannot tell who is whom from that group... sorry!

Oh and SHINee are a part of this project as well by making an appearance in the advert but they seem to be a part of the whole Etude House franchise as of late so it's not unusual to see them be a part of this one:

Compared to the Princess Etoinette collection, where that is based around feeling like a pretty princess and so has used packaging to entice the eyes, the Sweet Recipe collection are following in the footsteps with using sight to entice their customers into buying the products - not that I am complaining because the whole sugary sweet foods certainly appeal to me!

This collection doesn't have anything like the bath bombs or candles like they did in the Princess Etoinette set but they do have a couple of brushes as well as some usuals that we tend to use in our daily routines such as make-up sponges and cotton wall balls made to look like mini candy floss balls!

Do you see anything that catches your eye the most? Personally... the eyeshadows are more appealing to myself but I do like the look of a couple of the lipsticks too! Unfortunately I can't seem to find the collection online where they ship overseas... so we'll all just have to pine over these beautiful items on Etude House's homepage instead /s o b s/

Check out the homepage and Sweet Recipe collection here

Please note that all pictures displayed here are from the Etude House homepage and are NOT my own work. Thank you!

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  1. The packages and colors are really cute indeed. I recently discovered that Etude House has decent products, I guess I should try some of these. The lip glosses look lovely :)
    x, Lara