Tuesday, 1 January 2013

♡ あけましておめでとう! 새해 복 많이 받으세요! ♡

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How can it already be 2013? The past year has flown by so quickly that I actually feel dizzy from it all... but I am going to welcome the new year with open arms and a lot of glee. I have a couple of goals to aim for this year - and I am not calling them resolutions because I'll just get lazy and ignore them - so having these goals certainly is pepping me up into accomplishing them:

1. Get my drivers license.
I've already failed my theory test four times when I was 18 and it basically got me downhearted about it so I gave up. Also living in London for university certainly didn't give me any motivation to go out and do my driving tests because what was the point when you had public transport every five minutes at your fingertips as well as shops being in walking distance. But now, living in the middle of nowhere where buses come once every hour has certainly given me enough drive (no pun intended by the way...) to get on and succeed into getting my license.

2. Concentrate hard on my Japanese and Korean language studies
Over the past 4-6 weeks I have let my studies slip a little lot and it's time to get my head down and concentrate on learning these languages!

3. Learn something new
I suppose this one is a bit cryptic but every year I do learn something new - whether it be discovering a new author, listening to a different genre of music I would never touch with a barge pole or learn a quick and simple fact that I never have heard of. But this year I am going to learn how to do dressmaking! My mum learnt how to do it at my age and it's something I have always wanted to learn from her and this is the year to (quickly) learn before I move abroad.

4. Carry a notebook and a pen around in my handbag
A useful tip given to me by university professors but - like I always do - I ignored and so writing little scraps of literature on napkins and sweet wrappers is becoming something tedious and annoying... Also; I want to get back into my writing because I've spent the past three years studying to improve and what is the point in giving up now?

5. Spend less time indoors and more time outdoors
Because of certain personal issues; I have become a somewhat form of a hermit, leaving the house only to walk the dogs and go off to work... never really for anything personal like meeting up with friends and whenever I did that it became a once a month thing.

6. Save money
It's an obvious one right? Well it kind of ties in with the one above because spending time indoors I have found a lot of online stores where I can easily spend my money and get it delivered to me quickly so it's time to pack in that habit and start something new. After I've paid my rent and my bills; I shall buy only one item that I desire from my wishlist and keep the rest of my earnings to one side... apart from buying gifts and cards for friends and family as that's extra spending right there!

7. Gut my room and go to a boot fair
My room needs sorting badly. I swear there are things like books, notebooks, cd's and stuff from way back in my teen years that I certainly have forgotten about. It's time for a change and it's time to clear out the clutter and sell many of the decent things to earn a few extra pennies.

8. Accomplish getting my dream job in Seoul
To me; I need another six months in England before I can move halfway across the world and make a new life for myself. The next six months shall be spent with friends that live the farthest away from me and the ones that I will miss the most when I'm out there but also the next six months shall be full of cleansing, forgiving and excitement that will become the most wonderful memories for future time.

I do believe that is it. These eight goals will certainly keep me busy in 2013 and this year already feels lucky to me because a) 13 is my lucky number and b) it is the year of the snake in Chinese Zodiac and I was born in the year of the snake so it feels like it is my time to have some luck. Are there any goals you wish to succeed these year? Remember... wishing for a great 2013 with words is not the way to do it, but to go out there and make something of it.

Thanks for reading!

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