Saturday, 20 June 2015

♡ Food Debate; Takoyaki Kei vs. KFC Crisps ♡


I have had this blog post planned for so long that I think it's now time to actually write it. Now, as someone who (kind of) follows the latest food crazes in Japan, some I had passed because they just didn't appeal to me but KFC crisps from Calbee... it's weird but I had this image of roast chicken crisps exactly like we get here in the UK and boy, was I wrong. On the other hand; Takoyaki Kei by Frito Lay, I went in thinking that this would be horrible because it's based on takoyaki - doughy balls with octopus in the middle - sounds wrong right? Well read on...

Calbee KFC Crisps
The pictures don't give justice to how H U G E this bag actually is. Compared to the usual single bags of crisps here, this is about two pushing two and a half bags in comparison? 
The smell is a bit unique, like yes there is a hint of fried chicken-ness bbbuuuttt the over powering smell of black pepper just was overwhelming. Ugh. Even thinking about the taste now brings back shudders. I could only eat five crisps maximum because these are disgusting, vile and a monstrosity. No chicken taste whatsoever, just black pepper and the taste of fried potato. Nothing else. This is not how I imagined it and I am disappointed but at least I can say that I did try it, it's just not for me. If you like the taste of plain potato crisps with black pepper sprinkled over it then you go ahead and try them, just don't say that I didn't warn you!

Frito Lay Takoyaki Kei
Again with the huge bag... compared to single bags of crisps here in the UK, the bags in Japan certainly come up massive! I loved the smell that hit me when I first opened it up, it was a familiar smell - like I've had something similar before - but I can't quite put my finger onto it on what the specific product is nor will I probably ever remember whoops!
I loved these crisps. These little delicious corn puff balls are amazing and made me feel so happy inside at how tasty they really were. I had a complete 180 turn with these because when you think that you're going to eat a corn ball tasting of octopus... well that doesn't really sound appetizing does it? I did try to stop myself and not eat the whole bag in one go but that didn't really prevail whatsoever... it was gone within 15 minutes and the wave of instant regret appeared because I didn't have another bag in my stash boooooooo!

Final Verdict:  the Takoyaki Kei wins hand down. Compared to the KFC crisps, they are the clear winner by miles in smell and taste. I can't put into any more words at how delicious they are and how I felt a tiny bit nostalgic when I ate these crisps. So at the end of the day... KFC crisps bad and Takoyaki Kei good!
Thanks for reading!


  1. The takoyaki ones looks so yummy! I'm jealous x3

  2. Oooh, I have those Takoyaki crisps to eat! Feeling a little bit better about eating them now after this post :)
    Such a shame that you didn't like the KFC ones, they could have been really good!

    Dannie x

  3. I had no idea that KFC crisps even existed. I'd love to try those.

    xx Izzy | Qthee