Saturday, 2 May 2015

♡ Etude House Princess Happy Ending Lipsticks ♡


After fffiiinnnaaalllyyy managing to drag myself into slapping some make-up on last weekend, I decided to test out the gorgeous lipsticks from the previous Etude House collection - Princess Happy Ending.

As soon as I saw this particular collection, I knew that I wanted every item no matter how long it took - especially the lipsticks, lipsticks are my main weakness in collections. But a problem occurred when I had the money (and when I remembered) I could not, for the life of me, find the Belle coloured lipstick ANYWHERE, until one of my closest friends managed to find one on Pretty and Cute (link) and so I, of course, purchased that straight away. Then, before I went ahead to buy the Snow White lipstick, I had received the information about Chloe's Christmas Giveaway to which I had one of these said lipsticks! Before I knew it, months had passed with these two beauties on my vanity table staring me down before enough was enough, I had to wear them and test them out. Boy, I was not disappointed with the results.

Snow White Colour (Apple Red)

This colour is such a "pow in your face" kind of red and it is bloody amazing. I actually don't own such a vivid red lipstick and I am thoroughly disappointed in myself for not having one until now. It is such a striking red - with no blue, orange, pink or purple undertones - it is just pure red. Like most Etude House lipsticks, the staying power of this one lives up to the past ones and as well as being a super creamy formula, it glides onto my lips so easily with and without lip liner/lip balm. One last point about this lipstick, it gives off a beautiful glossy finish and doesn't dry out my lips even after wearing it for a good couple of hours... complete winner.

Belle Colour (Purple Rose)

Again, like with the Snow White lipstick, the formula of this one is super creamy, glides on easily, doesn't dry out my lips and as well as lasting for a long time throughout the day... there are no complaints coming from me. See, when you look at the above pictures you'd think that the colour would be as "pow" as the apple red one but it's not in a way? It is more subtle but it does give off that different vibe that's not quite in your face but it is at the same time. I do love this colour as it is such a gorgeous shade of purple - with what I believe to be a pinkish undertone more than a blue? Don't take my word on that it's just the way it came across to me as I was wearing it.

I have never wore two such beautiful lipsticks in such a long time and trust me... I wear a LOT of lipstick! These particular ones tick all the right boxes for me and I just love how they do "pop" out in the above photographs and I cannot wait to incorporate them into more looks in the future! I am also kicking myself mentally at how long it took for me to get these beauties... lesson learnt! I don't know where you can buy the Belle lipstick any more as the site I got mine from is sold out... but the Snow White version seems to still be available on ebay! One final note... I don't know if I look like one in the pictures but I legit felt like a princess wearing these beautiful lipsticks *sighs happily*

Thanks for reading!


  1. Such pretty colors! I wish bright lips suited me x3

  2. I'm in love with Belle's color. I agree, it's such a gorgeous shade of purple.

  3. Both are such lovely colours, and they both really suit you :)

  4. The Purple Rose is so lovely and you really suit red hair!!


  5. Beautiful dear! <3 I think I need that Snow White lipstick in my life :))

    Dannie x

  6. Such beautiful colours! I like them a lot on you ^o^
    and you already know i feel about red hair on you, daammmmn

    ❤ Little Owl's Diary

  7. I love the creaminess of Etude House. And both colors look great on you, but WOW -- Belle looks totally awesome. Suits you well!

  8. Love your blog, it's so cute!! I wanted to get the belle lipstick, that plum colour is just gorgeous T_T
    Followed you~ Would love it if you followed back ^_^