Monday, 8 December 2014

♡ MEMEbox Princess Edition #6 Cinderella // Unboxing ♡


The second of my three day MEMEbox un-boxings is the Princess Edition #6 Cinderella! I was going to get all three boxes released (Tinkerbell was the other one) but I decided against it at the last minute for a reason I honestly cannot remember for... aish my memory ;n;
My favourite thing about this particular box is that that it's a face / hair focus box... I'm not really a body cream / lotion / wash enthusiast as I know what my body is able to have and I just stick with it - Radox bubble bath, Original Source Lemon and Tea Tree Shower Gel, Garnier body lotion... end of. So, to have a box with make-up in makes me a very happy person!

#1 ECLAIRE Color-Blast Lip Cream in #06 Santorini
Product description; sophisticated and vivid in colour, completely waterproof and long-lasting, and leaving a silky matte finish, the Color-Blast Lip Cream is a must-have for lovers of all lip products! Its vegetable oil based formula is gentle and moisturising, and it prevents dehydraion of your lips by creating a moisture lock-in layer. Plus, it's free of paraben, benzophenone, alcohol, mineral oil and phenoxyethanol. 
First impression; I would have preferred the red colour than the pink......... but it seems like a nice pink colour all in all. It's interesting to see that this is made with vegetable oil and have no parabens or benzophenone or alcohol in it like a couple of other products from the previous box... recurring theme happening? 

#2 Color World Setting Powder in Orange
Product description; An extremely lightweight, sheer setting powder which is silky and fine in texture and leaves skin with a flawless finish. Smooth away fine lines and imperfections as it sets your makeup in place for the whole day. Add a velvety finish to any makeup or for that extra colour and coverage when applied alone.
First impressions; oooooh setting powder! I've heard of setting sprays and certain setting powders like MAC and Kryolan so this should be interesting for me to use as I go through powder like you'd never believe....... bye bye shine! Also... I was a little bit unsure about the orange colour at first but it turns out that it's more like a translucent powder and changes to appeal to your skin colour and tone... double boom!

#3 ECLAIRE Color-Blast Blusher #Santorini Coral
Product description; a soft and sheer coral, pressed powder blush. Designed to be worn alone or layered together for more depth, it'll bring out the healthy, peachy glow from any skin tone.
First impressions; there's a lot of ECLAIRE products in this parcel but I like the theme... and I love peachy / coral blushers to create that "healthy" glow... I prefer it any day to the OTT pinks or reds even though that style is starting to grow on me these days. It will be intriguing to see if this is a colour build up type of blusher or a "oops too much in one go" kind of blusher.

#4 Tonymoly BCDation All Master SPF30
Product description; this multi-functional BCDation from Tonymoly is a makeup base, a BB cream, a CC cream, and a foundation all in one. It not only correct, blur, and balance out the skin tone but also moisturises, lifts, and adds extra volume for a silky smooth 3D complexion.
First impressions; I am honestly glad that this is the only product that wasn't full sized as I have purchased BB creams in the beginning (of my cosmetic downfall) and have been bitten badly by the wrong shade so I'm happy with the fact that I can test this out, check it against my tone and complexion etc and see if this actually WORKS before I go and get a full sized product!

#5 Anis Double Act Curling Essence
Product description; enriched with grape seed oil and various natural moisturisers, this Double Act Curling Essence not only delivers moisture surge, nourishments, and firmness to hair but also works as a hair styler for the strengthening your curls and holding them in place all day long.
First impressions; oh a hair product... I don't normally go to hair products in an instance unless they are shoved right under my face and as this is here I will try this one. I also never curl my hair... always straighten as my natural hair is some weird frizzy... lion mane... fuzzball

#6 Macqueen Concealer Dual Veil 
Product description; this dual concealer consists of a cover stick on one end for erasing red spots and blemish scars and a liquid concealer on the other end for evening out unbalanced skin tones or highlighting T-zone and under eye area.
First impressions; awesome! I won't really use the liquid concealer as a brightener though as I tend to use liquid concealer more than stick concealer but I'll be using this one that is for sure. Kind of bummed that I got the darker #23 shade of this though and not the lighter #21 shade but hey, you win some and you lose some.

#7 LadyKin At The Party Long & Perm Mascara 
Product description; a smart dual brush mascara with two different types of brush attached for 24 hour long, voluminous lashes. The round ball-like brush works as a 2nd step volumizer which allows you to create varieties of look by adding extra curl and volume to different parts of your lashes.
First impressions; needed a new mascara and boom... got one. How awesome is that?! I've heard things about ball shaped mascaras so it'll be interesting to try this out and see how it works (and trust me it does work as I have been using this since I got it) the ball shape at the end also helps split your lashes apart so you don't have that spider leg look.... perfection! An amazing addition to the make-up collection.
All in all... I like this box. I've seen a few bloggers not happy with this particular box and I can understand their points that they made but for a $139 value for $25.99 (plus the p&p) isn't that bad. Maybe in future if there is another Princess Edition box they need to consider other options so instead of throwing in a random hair care product into a whole make-up box is take away a make-up product and add a skin care product or just throw away the hair care product altogether and have just kept this as a make-up box like the Snow White box was skin care all in all... get it? I am happy with this box and I will certainly be using all of these products... guarantee that.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I hope you review the Tony Moly face in a tube <3 it sounds really good! I think Asian BBs and CCs are the best as they are more suited to us pale faces then our Western offerings that seem to think we are all Wotsit/Oompa Loompa love children >.<

    Dannie x

  2. very nice post. gorgeous box, love the nailpolish :)
    very inspiring blog.
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