Wednesday, 27 November 2013

♡ Etude House Princess Etoinette Collection Part II ♡


Now, I did find out about this a couple of days ago but alas as per usual... I'm behind on writing things! Now; if you all remember that last year, Etude House brought out a delectable (and extremely pretty) collection called 'Princess Etoinette' and whilst sadly I couldn't get my hands on any of those products... Etude have now brought out another part of this particular collection; Princess Etoinette Season II for this coming winter!

Instead of the packaging being pink and gold like last time... they've upgraded to white and silver which personally I prefer as I prefer silver over gold any day of the year. Also the fact they've brought out an eau de toilette really intrigues me as well but I don't really like the obvious shiny plastic material for the main part of the bottle... it could be glass though so until I hold it physically in my hands my opinion about it will stay... oh and the bubble squeezy... thingy to squirt out the perfume is definitely my favourite piece as my great aunt used to have a perfume bottle with one of them on it and I remember playing pretend princesses/movie stars with it etc

Next... I'm certainly happy that they've brought out some new lipstick colours! Is it obvious that I love lipsticks / glosses? If you saw my make-up box you'd wonder what the heck is wrong with me... unless you have the same obsession with lipsticks like I do!

Might have to (definitely) purchase all three colours as it's rather hard to decide which one I prefer the most. Now in the last collection there was a shimmer powder and blush pot and this time there is an all over powder (and they suggest putting it on your eyes, cheeks and lips) but you could put it in other places of your face / body to give a shimmer to your skin.

I love the little decorative pots the best because once you've finished with the powders (and you can't get refills) I guess you can always use them for storing earrings / rings or even other blushes / powders that original broke in their packaging. Next is the blooming perfumed hand cream which comes in two scents; white peony and pink rose! Now peony is actually my favourite flower in the world so this collection is winning on so many levels!

And finally there shall also be two candles in the same scents as the hand cream! With the bath bombs from the last collection and these candles in this collection you'd probably feel like a proper princess whenever you decide to have a pampering bath!

Edit; the candles actually weren't the last thing in the collection! There shall be a new compact mirror as well as some perfumed hair mist to make your locks smell all lovely for the day ahead!

Well it's official. Etude House have won on so many levels with this extension to the Princess Etoinette collection and it is now a must must must for me to get my hands on a couple of these items! Now all they need to do is a princess style hand mirror (kind of like Lioele's little hand mirror or Anna Sui's rose mirror line?) and a matching brush / comb then I am sold so much! What catches your attention the most from this collection?

Do check out the Etude House website for other details and  please note that all pictures displayed here are from the Etude House homepage and are NOT my own work. Thank you!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh my gosh this is just so awesome <3 Just having the word princess makes me want to buy it~!!

  2. "Princess Etoinette" is cracking me up now... xD I guess I'm tired. Or just coz "etoi" means "felt icky" in my language... XD. Anyhow these packages are really cute, not icky XD.