Wednesday, 22 May 2013

♡ I Had A Visitor That Came To Stay ♡


Note: you remember what I wrote about motivation in my last post? Well this one has taken a little over a few weeks to write... oops!

I need therapy lalalala therapy ohhh ♪♫

Over the bank holiday a couple of weekends ago, I had Toni finally come and stay with me! We had been talking about seeing each other for a good couple of months and made the decision for her to come down to me because a) last time I went up to visit her and b) because she wanted to go into London for a day so it was pretty much a win win situation for us both. I originally decided not to bother getting all prettied up but an hour before I was meant to leave, I suddenly changed my mind and made myself look at least half decent for the arrival of my friend:

I am forever in love with my new wig 

I went and met Toni at Kings Cross station because she is a little fuzzy with directions and stuff but I didn't mind going to meet her as it got me out of the house and injected some fresh air into my system. I tend to enjoy riding on public transport as it means I can plug my i-pod into my ears and daydream off into my own little world without being disturbed. Kings Cross station is really a confusing place because there are two main areas to catch your train as well as St Pancreas International station across the way... and in all honesty I am used to going a certain way up into the station itself but this time I actually ended up on the other side! For once, lady luck was in my favour as Toni was on the same side of the station also so we happily met after a few panicky moments. We then headed up a level to Wasabi and nabbed some food to munch on the way back to mine. I got the sweet chilli chicken katsu box as it's seriously one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten in my life

Travelling back to my place can go two ways; good or bad. We somehow met in between this time around as buses are fair and few to my house and tend to come every hour, we had missed one by about 15 minutes so spent the rest of the time sitting down and catching up with everything, despite the fact that we practically talk to each other almost every day via IM, we still manage to keep up conversations. I love talking to Toni because she's just as bat shit crazy as I am and she pretty much gets what I'm on about 99.9% of the time... except for when it comes to k-pop... but I'll turn her one day

A couple of reasons for Toni's visit was to go into London for a day as well as seeing Iron Man 3 at the cinema - it's turned into a tradition of ours to see comic book films at the cinema with each other now! Sadly because of the EXTORTIONATE prices at the cinema... we had to decide against going to see the movie as payday for both or us was just slightly out of reach. But we did stick to the London plan despite the bipolar weather that decided to hit on the one day we were going out... Originally we were going to meet another friend, Gigi, but sadly because of /many/ closures and line updates, she couldn't come and meet us but we still had a good time despite the gloom and delays. First, we headed over to Japan Centre as Toni wanted a magazine and I /needed/ a few bits and pieces a.k.a strawberry and melon milk! Oh we both also purchased some curry bread... my reasons was because I've never actually tried curry bread before and it tasted ok... but I tried half cold and the other half I heated up in the microwave and it just tasted better hot in my opinion.

After Japan Centre... we decided to go to a restaurant to eat and I was intending on remembering where Eat Tokyo was but right at the last moment I forgot so we headed over to one of my favourite cheap and cheerful places; Misato - Toni somehow let me do all the decisions on what to do that day goddammit woman! I think both of us had an extreme 'eyes bigger than belly' moment because I was silly enough to order the beef rice as well as some chicken karrage......

I'm not even slightly ashamed to admit that I ate about 95% of this food... but I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who over ordered either as Toni did exactly the same thing but ordered the udon as well as the chicken teriyaki rice - not the one I usually order but a different style one. Let's just say that afterwards we felt a little bit sick and needed to walk around in the fresh air to get rid of the food babies we were both carrying. After about an hour we headed over to the purikura photobooth to do the usual shots I tend to do whenever a friend comes down to visit or I meet up with someone for a day .

We decided to incorporate a lot of things that Toni and I tend to talk about through IM, so that included Marvel, Kamen Rider W and just full on............. us! I must admit that this is one of my favourite photosets that I have done in a long time. Because the photoboot was pretty darn busy, it took almost two hours from the moment we arrived to the moment we left before we decided to head home as we had finished getting what we wanted and were pretty much exhausted. I did managed to stock up on my favourite rose milk tea as well as getting a packet of instant ramyun as well as some melon and grape soda!

The time between our trip into London and when Toni had to leave was spent sleeping, eating and watching a lot of TV. Toni and I seem more comfortable around each other when we don't have to rush around doing anything, plus Sundays in a quiet village tend to be rather... slow so buses are rare and few (_ _ll)

All in all the time spent with Toni was really lovely and I wish it didn't go so quickly... but next time we see each other it's my turn to go up to where she lives! Also I think we were pretty gutted that we couldn't go and see Iron Man 3 at the cinema because of prices... but if we could have gotten away with getting a student ticket like when we saw The Avengers we would have been first in line for the first Sunday viewing at the cinema /d'oh/

Thanks for reading!

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