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Wednesday 30th May - Camden Underworld, London UK

Writing this post with a calm and steady hand is proving much harder than I originally thought. For the past 3 months - I had been preparing to see one of my favourite bands SCREW on their 『蠍-SASORI-』European Tour 2012. Originally I arrived in London the day before to stay at a hostel for a couple of days with my friends Ren and Emily and I swear I only survived on two hours worth of sleep because I was shaking with excitement and waking up around 6.30am on the Wednesday morning my nerves were certainly getting the better of me. Nether the less, I arrived at the venue around 7.20am and there were already a few people there including the wonderful Chriss who had, in fact, camped overnight! 

The whole day was spent making people write in the fan book I had brought along for the band and meeting new people and spending time with friends I had not seen for a really long time (the last gig I had been to was Versailles last October...) I remember the band arriving at the venue around 1.30pm and being dragged around the back where the tour bus was parked by the gorgeous Iku, I legit was shaking with fear and after the band walked past us as waved - I broke down into a flood of tears and cried onto Iku's shoulder, so I really thank her from the bottom of my heart for keeping me upright. Then it was around 6pm when the made another appearance, this time just outside the doors of the Underworld for a small photoshoot and all I can say is that when Manabu and Rui stood in front of me - I cried AGAIN. I didn't mind that I was being teased by other friends around me - mainly by Dayle - but being right behind these artists that I've admired for so many years was certainly overwhelming!
About 6.30pm, the Global Fan Club members - including myself as being part of the GFC - were allowed inside for the meet&greet that had been done for this tour and the heat of the small area of the Underworld was certainly overwhelming! We all had to line up to have a photo taken with all the members - everyone sitting in between Byou and Jin who were both very adorable - and whilst I was having my picture taken, Rui placed his hand on top of my head whilst Kazuki put his on my shoulder and I remember Byou coming in really close to me that it genuinely scared me slightly! Then after everyone had their photo's taken and so again we all lined up to have the cheki pictures signed by them. I handed the fanbook to Kazuki, who genuinely seemed surprised to be given it and he said "Thank You" and shook my hand really enthusiastically! After morning signing we all sat down for a very short Q&A session which the members went on to make us all laugh with their silly (yet serious) answers. Honestly, they're all so lovely and gorgeous in real life and even typing this all out my heart is beating extremely fast remembering everything!

As we were already inside, GFC members were allowed to grab a spot at the front and I managed to get a spot dead straight in front of Kazuki with a new friend, Zoe, right next to me and a facebook friend Golffy who was next to her! Weird that she was there and I didn't notice until after the gig but I couldn't find her to say hello! Soon enough, the rest of the crowd who were lining up outside were let in and in a short space of time we were all reunited with friends and at around 8pm, the lights dimmed down and the band entered on the stage and the most awesome experience started for the next couple of hours. The set list from what I can remember consisted of:

★ The Abyss
★ Deep Six
★ Brainstorm
★ Cursed Hurricane
★ Ancient Rain
★ Gather Roses
★ Wailing Wall
★ Vegas
★ Kairos
★ Vanquish
★ Jellyfish
★ Raging Blood
★ S=R&B

★ Scarlet
★ Zansatsu Fiction

During the gig, I got spat on by Kazuki with water twice and of one of the many times he jumped into the crowd he held my hand! Insert a tiny bit of a spazz session as I re-live that moment! Also when Rui came over to our side of the stage - in the space of a few minutes he managed to crush my hand against the barrier and smack my head with his bass guitar... so much pain from one person! I remember sticking my tongue out at Jin and he pulled a face back at me! Also, as I knew every single lyric to each song that was played, I sang my heart out and Kazuki smiled a few times when he noticed I was doing that. Legit, it was the best night I had ever had and one of the best gigs I had been to in an extremely long time! Despite my hand being in pain still as I type this blog post, I have the biggest smile etched across my face and I still have tears in my eyes on the amazing experience I encountered with my wonderful and supportive friends.
I'm sad that I didn't catch any plectrums but I did manage to snag some great merchandise of a giant picture (just a smaller version of a poster) and a couple of photosets - where I swapped a Manabu photo from the Cursed Hurricane set with Sharan for a Kazuki photo from their latest look!
Afterwards, I waited outside in the lovely cool air with a few people to wave them off on the rest of their European tour and they looked just as exhausted as we did but content at the same time

Thanks for reading!

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