Tuesday, 10 January 2017

♡ Why I tried #Veganuary, and Why I Failed At It ♡


Now; before I start, I would like to state that whatever is written in this post, is my views and opinions ONLY. It has not been influenced by anyone, nor is it a bash against anyone's eating habits etc. So please; no fire (friendly or not) against me, or anyone else! I respect everyone's and anyone's decision on what they put into their body - so please respect my decisions in what I put into my body. Thank you!

So, I am friends; with rather a lot of vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, basically all sorts of people who have different eating/diet regimes etc. And, I have noticed that there seems to be a few reasons for their lifestyle choices;

○ Health reasons
○ Don't like the taste of meat/fish
○ Family/religious reasons
○ Moral reasons

I used to be a vegetarian during my teen years, for animal rights/moral reasons mainly back then, but sadly when I was a teenager, there wasn't as many alternative food products and/or sources, as there are today, and because of those reasons, my health actually declined so badly and I became super ill so regularly, that the doctors had to tell me to stop because my immune system was becoming so damaged and destroyed because of it.

Fast forward ten years (I was a vegetarian from aged 12, until 17) and keeping a healthy, well-balanced diet - including limited portions of meat during the week to keep my health levels balanced - it had occurred to me, that I need to do something different with my lifestyle. I already keep a well-stocked collection of cruelty-free products in my household (this ranges all across the board from make-up, beauty products, to household cleaning products - seriously, it's amazing what a bit of bicarb and vinegar can do...) So, I looked into the vegetarian/vegan option once again, and with the fact #veganuary was coming up (this was back after my trip to Japan), I decided to give this route a go, and see if my body could cope this time around.

It didn't. And it hasn't, even after only ten days...

Even though there are so MANY good vegan and vegetarian alternative in the shops these days, my body just cannot seem to process the excess carbohydrates and sugars that are in some products i.e. the unprocessed protein sources such as chickpeas and lentils - and trust me, I do like a good curry using these ingredients along with an aubergine or two - but basically, it was hurting my gut, and boy did I feel like I was being kicked throughout the day!

My body needs a low carbohydrate and high protein kinda diet, to help with my hormone balances, as well as my metabolism, blood sugars, and white blood cell count... yeah it's just not possible for my body, to continue one with a vegan diet. Vegetarian... possibly, but sadly not vegan.

Now; my diet will probably go back to the way it was, before deciding to try this out - limited quantities of meat etc. etc. etc. I won't go too much into boring details of what I do, and don't eat, but WELCOME BACK CHEESE! And, I am lucky my local area does do this, but I shall look into more organically sourced meat i.e. the "red tractor" and "freedom food" schemes (trust me, I shall be doing a lot of research onto this) but I do know, that I have a local butcher that sources only... how can I describe it... free range (?!?!) meats. Basically, I won't support factory meats, nor the "fake farms" that supermarkets put on their meat labels, to make us believe that they are coming from a "respectable source"... nah, that just puts the hairs on the back of my neck up. I will also, cut down on the dairy products - trust me, I actually prefer almond and soya milk these days than normal milk, and I will use plant-based spreads, and more coconut oil for cooking (because yum?!) but, there shall be times, where I will turn into a basic, plain ol' white girl, and enjoy a large "monster" shake... thing... whatever they are called, or a doughnut, or a grilled cheese sandwich. But then, there will be days where I will enjoy the simpler things of soups, curries, extravagant salads and those juicy smoothie things - you know, the ones where you add wheat-grass and kale, alongside kiwi and blueberries? Those ones! I'm not going to apologise anymore for my diet... so yeah.

So, it may seem hypocritical - to be an "ethical" meat eater, but it's the best I can do, and I know the best I can do for MYSELF, won't be right for others and how they see it. But, it's MY life and MY choices and decisions that I, MYSELF, have to live with at the end of the day - and I'm sorry if this does seem super harsh, but I won't change myself (anymore) to suit those around me - and if you don't like it, well you know where the (imaginary) front door is. I will apologise though, for being a quitty mcquitter after only ten days, but I have felt this disgusting and sick for so long... even with the Christmas feasting! I will, however, finish this mess of a post, with somewhat of a positive note, and I will say, that I will always love and respect my friends, family, and acquaintances for their lifestyle and food choices, and I hope they will do the same with mine.

Whew! Now, can someone come and help me calm my heart down about publishing this post?! This is, honestly, one of the most nerve wracking things to write about!!!  I know everyone has their own views and opinions about this subject, but writing something like this, for me, is honestly scary!

Thank you for reading!


  1. you're aware of the problem and tried your best to change your diet, if your body doesn't allow it, don't put yourself at risk. if everyone was like you, we probably wouldn't have a big environmental problem in hands. or had as much suffering. as you said, don't let people put you down! you're doing your best and that is what's important! as a vegan, thanks! :) we shouldn't attack each other, otherwise nothing will change! let's work together for a better world!

    1. Thank you so, so, so much for your kind words! ♡ And you're right about not attacking each other, but it just seems so normal these days... We will all work together to create a better environment, and a happier world that's for sure! ♡♡♡